Mousab’s Exhibition

By Luke Nephew

Late at night, I sit alone in the office of The Afghan Peace Volunteer’s house in Kabul. The mountain cold wrapped itself around me. I finally got the internet to work and found a message from Rashad, a good friend of mine in Sudan. I feel all the muscles in my chest tighten. Rashad wrote that in the protests in the streets of Khartoum our dear friend Mousaab had been shot and murdered by the police. I froze. Below his words is a picture of Mousaab bathed in his own blood in the back of a pickup truck.

12 Years of War

A Spoken Word Piece by Luke Nephew



of war

While in New York they cut Head Start to feed our hungry children breakfast

And then spend billions as Afghan kids see heads cut off and learn to expect this,

I need to see a politician repent this,

hang his head and cry that this many people have died

Where Planes Drop Death

By Luke Nephew

So 12 years into America’s war in Afghanistan

I fly from New York City to Kabul

On my first morning here I wake up startled,

I hear a loud sound and sit up in the darkness

The roar of a plane gets closer and closer

I remember the stories I heard earlier that day from Raz Mohammad

Who lost friends, classmates and his brother to drone strikes in Maydan Wardak. “The drones sound different”, he says, “they buzz in your ear and you can’t sleep and you are afraid they will kill you.”

The Flight from Dubai to Kabul

by Luke Nephew

In line at the unmarked desk for the Afghan airline in the Dubai airport, an enormous US army man turns around and asks me, “hey, you in the academy? Of course, I have no idea what that means but I know I’m not in it. And he asked with that tone of I’m already assuming you are but just asking as a way to say hello.

“Ahh, no, I’m not,” I reply. “Hmmm, alright,” he responds. His look says, then wtf you doing getting on a plane to Kabul. I walk away shaking my head like damn, so much for growing my hair and beard out for the last two months to not look like a soldier…

Anti-Drones Protesters Who Broke Into Royal Air Force Base Are Praised by Judge

Judge John Stobart finds six activists guilty of criminal damage with ‘heavy heart’ and says he would welcome appeal.

by Richard Norton-Taylor and agencies

The Guardian, Monday 7 October 2013 13.30 EDT

Six protesters who broke into RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire, home of Britain’s first unmanned drones base, were described by a judge at their trial on Monday as “dutiful people”.

Drone Base Makes Britain a War Zone

by Maya Evans and Chris Cole

MORNING PROCEDINGS OF THE WADDINGTON 6, first mass trespassers into RAF Waddington, who are facing charges for criminal damage heard defendants argue the case of necessity of cutting the fence at RAF Waddington, triggering the base to enter “shut down”, in order to stop a greater crime from taking place, the loss of innocent lives.

The Judge Stobbart upheld defendant Dr. Keith Hebden’s argument that drone base RAF Waddington is making Britain a war zones, he said: “I knew I was entering a war zone, the presence of the base on British soil makes this country a war zone and in terms of domestic terrorism it is increasing the risk.” When the prosecution objected to Dr. Hebden’s argument, who is representing himself, the Judge stated: “It’s clearly a zone from which war is clearly being perpetrated from.”

Too Beautiful to Burn

As I finish packing, I don’t hear any sirens. Just about twenty car horns. Then, for a few seconds, they fade away too. And the sound of the church bells boom and echo throughout the hood. I sigh and smile. In a few days, I know I’ll be hearing the sound of Muslim prayer calls echo throughout another hood. War makes us thirsty for worship. Life is too beautiful not to love anything.

Daylight Is Almost Here

Abdulhai In KabulAbdulhai In Kabul

We, the Afghan Peace Volunteers, are finding strength amidst our dark nights because, in the daylight of a global awakening, we see people throughout the world refusing to comply with oppressive systems. We see that we aren’t alone in rejecting governments and militant groups that wage wars and make deals at the expense of ordinary people.

Artificial borders may attempt to divide us, but through connections with ordinary people worldwide, we are affirmed as free human beings, free to nurture ways of living that aren’t monopolized by a few.

Daylight, in our hearts and everywhere, is laying bare the abusive, authoritarian power and wealth amassed by elitist hoarders who control governments and militaries. These elite secure the interests of the privileged and neglect the interests of commoners who need food, water, education, decent shelter and employment, and peaceful relationships.

Drone Drops Bomb on Pickup Truck, Killing 10 or More

Date: September 7, 2013

Location: Watarpur district, Kunar province

Circumstances: According to a September 8, 2013 Reuters report, Kunar police chief Abdul Habib Sayed Khil and provincial governor Shuja ul Mulk Jalala said that a NATO airstrike killed at least eight civilians, including three women and four children.

NATO/ISAF Response/Acknowledgement: A spokeswoman for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), First Lieutenant AnnMarie Annicelli, confirmed that ISAF undertook a precision strike in Watarpur district of Kunar and that 10 “enemy forces” were killed. She said they had received no reports of civilian casualties.

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