Nonviolent Resistance Acts

For You, A Thousand Times Over

Quite a day. I awoke to a clock radio announcing that deadly tornadoes had again ravaged the plains of the Midwest. Before I could think of the people I knew in their path, the next news item announced Taliban attacks in several locations of Kabul. It was a relief, a few minutes after logging in to my account, to receive a reassuring message from the Afghan Peace Volunteers, in whose apartment in Kabul I’ve several times had the privilege to stay. There were 12 of them together in the house in Kabul, and they were all okay. When I phoned them, my young friend Abdulai answered and told me, in English, “Kathy, there is war in Kabul today. Many bombs!”

Trifecta Resista

by Jane Stoever

Many of us followed the three across the line of demarcation for the base, walking maybe 40 yards before officers approached us. Brian held up our indictment (attached) of President Barack Obama, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, Whiteman AFB’s Brigadier General Scott Vander Hamm, and every drone crew for “extrajudicial targeted killings” by reaper drones. Brian told the officers, “We want to go to the commander” to present the indictment. An officer answered, “We can’t allow you to do that.” Brian replied, “Our consciences won’t allow us not to.”

Gandhi, King and 99% Spring

If it was true in 1967, as Dr. King noted then, that “America can never be saved so long as it destroys the deepest hopes of (people) the world over,” is it possible that 45 bloody years later, America can destroy the deepest hopes of the people of Afghanistan and yet be saved? Has something fundamental changed, so that unlike in Dr. King’s time, a movement can now be concerned for the integrity and life of America and yet ignore the present war?

Why Do We Protest the NATO Summit?

…Instead of pursuing a partnership agreement with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, which would authorize the war up until the year 2024 or beyond, the powerful nations of the world should be meeting to discuss ending drone strikes immediately, pulling combat forces out Afghanistan, and ending their manipulation of Afghan democracy, which they do, in part, by propping up Hamid Karzai and the warlords in the National Assembly. Second, they must take responsibility for their past criminality by providing reparations…

Dear President Obama

March 5, 2012
by Bradford Lyttle

Dear President Obama

I am glad that you recognize the importance of America’s “great reformers,” including Dorothy Day, to our culture. Also, I am glad that you recognize the need for “zero nuclear weapons.” Are you aware that several members of Dorothy Day’s Catholic Worker movement are now in Federal prisons, or on house arrest, and other forms of probation, for protesting nuclear weapons? Fr. Steve Kelly, a Jesuit priest, probably is suffering the most. He is in solitary confinement, on a 15 month sentence, at Seatac Penitentiary in Seattle. Fr. William Bischel is on home confinement, wearing an electronic ankle bracelet. He is more than 80 years old. Sr. Anne Montgomery, who is suffering from terminal cancer, and also is more than 80, is on probation. Please pardon these people. They are just trying to express the values and carry out the policies that you recommend.


Bradford Lyttle

Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers in Karte Seh, Kabul Speak

Ali is repeating the feeling of or asking for the feeling of empathy from the judge. What would the judge feel and do if a drone was hovering over his house at night? What would he feel, think and do?

2 Million Candles to End the Afghan War

We are human beings who are tired of the past and present situations in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has suffered from over thirty years of continuous war and foreign intervention. We organized ourselves as the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers in order to share the suffering of fellow human beings in our land and to express our longing for friendship, peace and non-violence to the world.

The political and war powers, both Afghan and foreign, have killed countless, nameless Afghans, Afghans who are human beings, all 2 million of them.

Lighting 2 million candles for the victims of war is a way of getting the people of Afghanistan and the world to pay attention to the catastrophic events in Afghanistan, which are largely ignored and forgotten. We wish to share the pain of the victims of war and their survivors and by doing so to develop a loathing for war and violence. Through peaceful living, we wish to nurture a culture of non-violence.

Resilience a Bulldozer Cannot Destroy

Several brave families returned to Lis Lis to pick up the pieces of their lives in order to rebuild. When I arrived there, I saw that the bulldozer did not leave them with very much. Implosions of sticks, twine, and tin panels sat baking in twisted piles. “We also lost many animals,” said Luisa, who stood with her 4-year-old daughter in front of the littered patch of ground that used to be their home. “Chickens, dogs, cats, pigs—most of them were killed.”

Demolished HomeDemolished Home

NATO/G8 in Chicago - At A Global Crossroads: Turn Against War

“If you want to be a global city, you’ve got to act like a global city and do what global cities do,” says Lori Healey who heads the host committee and who previously led the city’s unsuccessful bid to host the 2016 Olympics.

All indications, unfortunately, are that Chicago…appears to want to follow the lead of other “global cities” in dealing with mass demonstrations threatening to “steal the stage;” think Tehran, Beijing, Cairo, Moscow and Seattle, to name a few.

Never Been More Proud to Be in a Courtroom

Last March 19th, these 19 people wanted to talk to their president. They had a grievance with him and they went to his house to address it. In the airing of the grievance, the Park Police of the District of Columbia arrested this group of people for all manner of disorderly-ness, nuisance, not acting in obeisance, and generally getting in the way of life as it is known outside the fence surrounding 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But the group’s message would not be deterred and the arrest and trial of these 19 individuals brought to the public forum this week the voices of those who are, indeed, the actual victims of what it means to be unlawfully prosecuted, with the president of this nation acting as judge, jury and executioner.

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