Drones Quilt- Press Release

March 6, 2013

Drones Quilt- Press Release

The Drones Quilt is a project of the Fellowship of Reconciliation that hopes to challenge decision makers and the public to think about the real people, and their stories, who are killed by drones strikes.

We are inviting people to make a square of a quilt decorated with their name and the name of someone killed by a drone. People from everywhere and anywhere have got involved: university students, church groups, activists and individuals of all shapes and sizes. They are all individually advocating for someone whose voice has been stifled. We want to remind the government that people are not just thermo sensitive dots on a screen in a military base, but real people with real lives and real names.

We believe drones are inhumane, not only are they ineffective and imprecise, but they reduce human beings to statistics, little red dots on a black screen. The psychological distance between soldier and victim, the fatal risk to one party compared to the total absence of risk to another is unacceptable. It encourages a video game mentality where humans cease to be viewed as humans and become just targets. It is an injustice and an insult to our shared, common humanity.

Our project wants to restore a bit of that lost humanity, a bit of that dignity, love and compassion that was negated by a kind of warfare that dehumanises and degrades.

You can take part up until the 1st May, details are on our website at dronesquilt.wordpress.com and we would love people to join us on our Peace Pilgrimage in London on May 6th, were we will present companies and businesses associated with drones with a book of photos of the quilt. We hope we will then be able to present another book of pictures to parliament. The quilt will then tour the country, raising awareness and being used as an educational tool with school aged children.

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