Nine Arrested at Volk Field

by Joy First

Xan began to sing the names of victims of militarized violence, going back and forth between the name of a drone victim, and then the name of a Black woman who was killed by the police in this country. After each name the crowd responded by singing, “We remember you” and a single drum beat.

After listening to the names for a few minutes, those of us who were going to risk arrest stepped off the curb and onto the road. We slowly walked towards the gate feeling the pain of living under a government that could commit these acts in our name. We took one step onto the base and were immediately taken into custody, handcuffed, and put into a police car.

Let It Shine

photo credit Dr. Hakim

This past summer, collaborating with Wisconsin activists, we decided to feature this refrain on signs and announcements for a 90-mile walk campaigning to end targeted drone assassinations abroad, and the similarly racist impunity granted to an increasingly militarized police force when they kill brown and black people within the U.S.

Photo Diary of the Let It Shine! Walk

Day 3: Devil’s lake. August 20

Knees and feet are holding out, blister lotion, plasters and hot compresses are helping greatly. We started in the town of Lodi, population 3050, and ended 16.5 miles later in a picturesque campsite near Devil’s Lake- via a short detour (we got slightly lost!) The walk included a fun ferry ride across Lake Wisconsin, other passengers were bemused by our efforts and support “Peace and Justice” truck. We were served a delicious lunch by the Fellowship of Reconcilliation, and an equally delicious dinner c/o Charles & Sue. ‪#‎LetItShine‬! ‪#‎EndViolence‬ ‪#‎NoDrones‬ ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬


In early August, people assembled outside of the Los Alamos nuclear weapon laboratories listened to Beata Tsosie Pena’s advice and perspective during a gathering organized by Campaign Nonviolence.

Beata said that she and her community have tried traditional forms of activism, to no avail, and so now they try their form of activism which involves praying to the spirits. They pray to the spirits for the politicians and they wish the politicians would pray to their ancestral spirits. She also invited us write solidarity letters to the Tribal Leaders of the Northern Pueblos to acknowledge our presence “inside the lands they hold sacred.”

US Drone Campaign Needs to be Acknowledged a Failure

“Instead of manufacturing weapons in order to wage war, the US is now waging war in order to manufacture more weapons. The reality that US drone strikes are a recruiting tool for Al-Qaeda is good news for war profiteers, even as it is alarming to anyone who is interested in the security of the US and the peace and stability of the counties where they are occurring.”

Pushing Up

photo credit Dr. Hakim Last weekend, about 100 U.S. Veterans for Peace gathered in Red Wing, Minnesota, for a statewide annual meeting. In my experience, Veterans for Peace chapters hold “no-nonsense” events. Whether coming together for local, statewide, regional or national work, the Veterans project a strong sense of purpose. They want to dismantle war economies and work to end all wars. The Minnesotans, many of them old friends, convened in the spacious loft of a rural barn. After organizers extended friendly welcomes, participants settled in to tackle this year’s theme: “The War on Our Climate.”

Shut Down Creech Arrestees return to Las Vegas for Arraignment

Vera outside the Las Vegas Court HouseVera outside the Las Vegas Court HouseOn Tuesday June 30th Eleven participants from March 6th Shut Down Creech event appeared at the Clark Co. Court House before Judge Melissa A. Saragosa to be arraigned… Before entering the court house the group broke into chants of “When Drones Fly Children Die!” and similar statements such as, “The Whole World is Watching!”, while holding panels of artistic renderings of many of the child victims of drone attacks in Pakistan and Yemen.

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