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Hearing All VoicesNote from Kathy one week before her release
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Drawing Paradise

The Rose and the NightingaleThe Rose and the Nightingale

On 8 February, Emily Johns, noted anti-war artist, and Milan Rai, an anti-war activist and author, set off for Iran on a ten-day peace delegation organised by the Fellowship of Reconciliation USA. Emily went on a similar delegation with FOR-USA in 2006, just before the Emily and John started co-editing Peace News.

The delegation is this year’s main project for Justice Not Vengeance, a small peace group Emily and John have been involved in since 2003.

The following post contains reflections and artwork from their delegation. For a complete summary of the delegation, visit their website at http://drawingparadise.org/

Unarmed Iran

Mil writes: In Shiraz, on Day Four, while we were waiting for our minibus to show up, a man walked by carrying an old old rifle. He was dressed in civilian clothes, walked along casually without a care. Probably a hunter, we guessed. The striking thing about the incident was that he was the first and only armed person I’ve seen in Iran (and it’s now Day Seven).

I’ve seen hardly any soldiers or police, and those I’ve seen have not carried guns (truncheons but no guns, so far as I could see). In London, it’s not uncommon to see armed police, but even the unarmed police in Hastings wear stab jackets and handcuffs and a baton and other equipment, and they look paramilitary. Police we’ve seen here wear a hi-visibility tabard saying ‘Police’, and maybe carry a truncheon. This doesn’t mean the police here are to be trifled with, or that there isn’t a massive security system here, there is. It’s just that, on the street, guns have not been visible.

Petition from Havaar: Iranian Initiative Against War, Sanctions and State Repression

In recent months there have been increasing reports of medicine shortages and price inflation in Iran, resulting in a serious health crisis. Because Iranian banks are finding it difficult or impossible to conduct international financial transactions under the current U.S.-led sanctions regime, the medical industry in Iran has been unable to import sufficient, and affordable, quantities of vital medicines.

Under existing Office of Foreign Assets Control regulations, medically-related bank transactions are generally exempt from the sanctions policy. We strongly urge your bank to enable these types of transactions—which are literally life-saving—with Iranian companies, and to clarify via public statement your corporate policy with respect to this issue.

Sign the Petition

Love letters from Kabul – on a fairer world

February 16, 2013

Dear friends,

Abdulhai : The river asked her,”What do you want for the New Year?” She told the river about her hope for the New Year. “I want to die.”

“Love letters from Kabul – on a fairer world”

A fairer life for all

2 Million Friends Love Letters From Kabul

Watch ‘Samia on not learning through punishment

Hakim : I did the little bit I knew to do. Bending over Abdulhai’s retreating self, I patted him on his shoulders and offered a dream, “It’ll be better tomorrow.”

Love, Abdulhai, Samia and Hakim

Nine Arrested at Hancock Air Base for Opposing Reaper Drone War Crimes

Around 3:30pm yesterday, 9 individuals were arrested by DeWitt Police and Onondaga County Sheriffs for peaceably blocking the main entrance to Hancock Air Base on East Molloy Rd in the town of DeWitt, a Syracuse, NY suburb. Hancock is the regional hub for the hunter/killer Reaper drone deployed over Afghanistan, Pakistan and, increasingly, elsewhere.

This nonviolent civil resistance is the most recent in a series of actions at Hancock meant to expose and deter the Reaper war crimes originating there. Over the last two years dozens of Upstate Drone Action members have been arrested as we sought to communicate our concerns to the Base Command and personnel by delivering to them a Citizens’ War Crimes Indictment [see attached]. Ironically, at a base bristling with lethal weaponry, the bases Mission Support Group Commander, Col. Earl A. Evans, once again, requested and received from the Dewitt Town Court an order of protection against the nonviolent activists. The activists are bewildered by the request and the Courts acquiescence to it, not merely for its demeaning implications but for its as yet unknown legal ramifications. Currently, 20 non-violent citizens have received this order.

No More Truthless Heroes

Photo-Larry W. Smith European Pressphoto Agency   New York Times Photo-Larry W. Smith European Pressphoto Agency New York Times

…We see ourselves as the shining “city on a hill” and therefore a U.S. citizen who kills people in other lands becomes an unquestionably renowned hero. This must appear offensive and ridiculous to many people living beyond U.S. borders…

…Glorifying Chris Kyle’s story integrally connects to U.S. media and military efforts to affect public perception of ongoing warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as expanding war on terror policies which the Obama administration is aggressively attempting to institutionalize…

Despite Planned Troop Withdrawal, Special Ops and Private Forces Prepare to Continue Afghan War

February 13, 2013

Kathy Kelly discusses Obama’s State of the Union address._

I Am Hurting Too

By Dr Hakim ( Dr Teck Young, Wee )

Raz Mohammad, Abdulhai and I in Kabul, AfghanistanRaz Mohammad, Abdulhai and I in Kabul, Afghanistan

…the UN calls the acute malnutrition of nearly one million children in the Afghan south ‘shocking’. Almost three quarters of all Afghans do not have access to safe drinking water. On several occasions in the past few years, Afghanistan was declared the worst country for children and women, and yet, many of us still hold this warped presumption, “Afghanistan is the worst country for children and women but whatever we are doing over there MUST somehow be right!”

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