Don't Let Senator Kirk Drag Us into another War!

Feb 1 2014 - 1:30pm

This is an invite to Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) Chicago’s No War on Iran Protest. As many of you are aware, our very own Senator Mark Kirk introduced Senate bill S.1881 aimed at derailing a peace settlement with Iran and making a war with Iran more likely.

In recent weeks the bill looked close to passing with 59 Senators supporting. Fortunately and partially because of the peace movement’s response, support for the bill is waning, and there are even some Democratic cosponsors of the bill now wavering in their support of this dangerous bill. Please join IVAW and other peace groups to help us send a strong message of No War on Iran!

Demand that Sen. Kirk drop his co-sponsorship of S.1881 and pledge to vote against it!

Please join and share the Facebook event!

Cosponsored by: American Friends Service Committee, Antiwar Committee Chicago, Civilian Soldier Alliance-Chicago, Gay Liberation Network, Illinois Coalition Against Torture, Iraq Veterans Against the War-Chicago, Pakistan Federation of America, Veterans for Peace-Chicago, Vietnam Veterans Against the War-Chicago, Voices for Creative Non Violence

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