Voices for Creative Nonviolence has deep, long-standing roots in active nonviolent resistance to U.S. war-making. Begun in the summer of 2005, Voices draws upon the experiences of those who challenged the brutal economic sanctions imposed by the U.S. and U.N. against the Iraqi people between 1990 and 2003. More about Voices

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Nine Arrested at Volk FieldJoy First recounts her participation in the Wisconsin walk and the arrests at Volk Field
Let It Shinemarching against lethal racial profiling at home and abroad.
Photo Diary of the Let It Shine! WalkPhoto diary of our 8-day, 90-mile walk condemning indiscriminate and militarized U.S. Govt. violence against communities of color both within the U.S. and in the beleaguered Third World.
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Protesters march against wars - LaCrosse, WI

August 13, 2008
La Crosse Tribune

Eleven weary war protesters ambled off the La Crosse River Trail on Tuesday, 371 miles from their starting point and still more than 100 miles from their destination.

They aren’t walking for exercise, or because they can’t all fit on the blue, green and yellow 1979 school bus that serves as their support vehicle.

Their goal is to stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, bring troops home and press the country to fund reconstruction of Iraq.

Letter from Cathy Breen: "How can the walls ever come down?"

Amman, Jordan
Aug 10, 2008

Dear Friends,

“How can the walls ever come down?” was the question I put to three Iraqi friends. Late yesterday afternoon I went next door to ask a neighbor if we could watch Iraqi TV news together. Would he mind translating for me? This young friend often helps me with Arabic, and I had brought my notebook along. We were joined by his brother and another Iraqi friend who will be returning to Baghdad soon. Moslem and Christians, we sat together. The walls I was referring to are the concrete barricades which have been constructed by the coalition forces throughout all of Baghdad. These walls seal off and separate entire communities.

Winonan arrested at Fort McCoy protest

August 12, 2008
By Kevin Behr
Winona Daily News

A Winona woman was among 13 protesters arrested by military police Sunday for trespassing during a protest at the Fort McCoy military base near Sparta, Wis.

Closed Navy "Nuclear War Trigger" Still Casting Long Shadow

By John LaForge
August 11, 2008

TUNNEL CITY, Wisconsin — The long history of anti-nuclear protests in Wisconsin caught up yesterday with Kathy Kelly, a founder of Voices for Creative Nonviolence in Chicago, when a group of 13 peace activists walked onto the grounds of Ft. McCoy, the National Guard base near here, calling for an end to the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

Ft. McCoy is one of the country’s largest Guard bases and is a central training and deployment hub for occupation troops being shipped into Iraq and Afghanistan.

13 Arrested at Fort McCoy for Opposing Iraq War

August 10, 2008

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August 9 was a day of preparation for Witness Against War. Preparation for the act of nonviolent civil resistance to take place the following day.

We gathered at the Lafayette Town Hall just north of Sparta. Our host’s family goes back 7 generations on this land. His aunt and uncle donated the property on which the town hall now sits.

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