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Walk Blog: Josh Brollier, from Baraboo to Reedsburg

By Josh Brollier
August 2, 2008

Today we traversed a 16 mile trek from Baraboo to Reedsburg. Much of the time I was thinking of Hiroshi, the organizer for last night’s event at the Garden Party Cafe, and his description of just how difficult it can be to get large crowds of people to come out for peace events in Baraboo. The event was not a failure by any means. There were probably twenty to thirty folks there, and I was very excited by the enthusiasm and the response of the crowd. However, many activists and concerned citizens share Hiroshi’s concerns, questions, and confusion as to why there is not a more organized and visible peace movement at present in the United States.

Group continues walk from Chicago to convention

The Associated Press - Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A small group of people opposed to the war in Iraq are walking 450 miles from Chicago to St. Paul, with plans to arrive just days before the Republican National Convention.

Kathy Kelly, co-coordinator for Chicago-based Voices for Creative Nonviolence, is among the walkers. She spoke to The Associated Press by phone from Sauk City, Wisconsin, on Wednesday, saying things are going well - aside from mosquitoes and sore feet.

There are about a dozen walkers, averaging about 12 miles of walking each day. In Sauk City, the walkers attended a vigil against the war. A day earlier, they stopped at Governor Jim Doyle’s office in Madison and delivered a letter saying the state should resist sending the Wisconsin National Guard to Iraq.

The Republican National Convention runs from September 1-4.

Walk Blog: Visit to Governor Doyle's office (Madison, WI)

July 30, 2008

In Madison, WI, we delivered a letter to Governor Doyle, urging him to support State assemblyman Spenser Black in his efforts to prevent the National Guard from going to Iraq. Mr.Farland, an aide to the governor, met with about two dozen of us who crowded into the reception area of the governor’s office. The letter reads:

Governor Jim Doyle
Office of the Governor 115 East State Capitol Madison, Wisconsin 53702 Governor Doyle,

The Red Arrow 32nd Brigade Combat Team of the Wisconsin National Guard is currently scheduled to deploy to Iraq in 2009.

We urge you to take all necessary steps to prevent this deployment from happening. This includes, but is not limited to, taking legal action in the form of a lawsuit to prevent future deployments to Iraq.

They're taking a stand against the war, one step at a time

By Randy Furst, Star Tribune
July 28, 2008

Marching through small towns and big cities across Illinois and Wisconsin, a handful of war protesters are on the first leg of a 450-mile walk from Chicago to St. Paul to join demonstrators at the Republican National Convention.

“As we come through various communities, individuals and groups join us to walk for a day or two,” Dan Pearson, 27, said by cell phone from Madison, Wis., where the group stopped Monday to attend a peace vigil at the state Capitol.

Peace marchers go the distance to oppose Iraq war

By Anita Weier
July 27 2008
The Capitol Times
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Helene Hedberg is marching through much of Wisconsin to oppose the Iraq war.

But first she had to fly to Chicago — from Sweden.

Hedberg helps Iraqi refugee children in Stockholm and got to know march organizer Kathy Kelly during a human rights conference in Sweden. So when she heard from Kelly that Voices for Creative Nonviolence was organizing a march from Chicago to St. Paul, Minn., to arrive Aug. 31 in time for the Republican National Convention, Hedberg decided she had to participate.

Pictures From Summer Camp

July 27, 2008

At 6:45 a.m. this morning, our friend, Joel Gulledge, called from At-Tuwani, a village in the West Bank where he and another Christian Peacemaker Team (CPT) member were escorting Palestinian children to a local summer daycamp, protecting them from hostile Israeli settlers. A masked settler, carrying a slingshot, was threatening the children. While Jan Benvie, the other CPT team member, raced the children to safety, Joel paused to film what was happening. The masked settler caught up with Joel and attacked him. “He smashed my head again and again,” said Joel, “with my video camera, and punched me in the face, repeatedly, with his other hand.” Joel managed to remain standing. He didn’t fight back, but he screamed for help. The attacker broke Joel’s glasses, and Joel was bleeding from a gash over his eyes. When he called, he was waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

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