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Walk Blog: Josh Brollier, July 25

By Josh Brollier
July 25 2008

We woke this morning to less than sunny skies, but it was a near perfect day to be on your feet and exploring the countryside of Wisconsin. The weather was cool and the group seemed to be re-energized and ready to tackle the stretch of highway set before us.

We arrived at Commons Park in Lake Mills before noon, enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere of the large trees, and shared a leisurely lunch while the town of Lake Mills was preparing for their Race for the Cure. Though our messages were not one in the same, there was definitely a common thread linking the groups and it felt good to be among people who were actively pursuing a cure and life for themselves, their loved ones, and humanity.

Witness Against War Photos: 2 Days in Milwaukee

Photos by Susan Ruggles
July 24, 2008

Day One: Arrival in downtown Milwaukee at O’Donnell Park Plaza. Entertainment by One Drum and Harvey Taylor, welcome by Sr. Virgine Lawinger, and presentation by Kathy Kelly and walkers at Friends Meeting House.

For day 2 photos:

Brookfield Wisconsin: About a dozen urge end to U.S. conflicts

July 23, 2008

See reporter Alan Hamari’s video report of Witnesss Against War’s stop in Brookfield.

A walking protest against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan made a quick stop in Brookfield this week.

About a dozen members of Witness Against War 2008, a 450-mile journey from Chicago to St. Paul, Minn., trekked through Waukesha County on July 21 and 22, carrying banners and signs urging an end to U.S. conflicts in the Middle East.

What a wonderful WAW-walk (Waukesha to Sullivan)

by Heléne Hedberg

Once upon a time of wars, outside a little place called Waukesha
A group of peace walkers gathered at 7 am, filled with excitement and awe
Of the miles to walk and the countryside scene
Of trees and fields and leaves of green

And while we walked on highway 32’s pavement ground
We looked and saw that love was all around
Not really, not quite but we’d lovingly discuss
The depth of that symbolic finger that seemed to wanna greet us

We’re walking and talking as best as we can
While missing the support from our Tahoe-Steve and his van
Then after a break, in the shade by the tree
The beautiful bikepath was where we got to be

Handing out flyers to folks passing by
Talking about how’s and when’s and why
Thinking of Iraqi friends and what’s worth fighting for
Marching with Paul as a witness against war

We hooked up with Tim and Bob after a f e w miles of pain
Grateful and glad that we at least didn’t have rain
Blisters were growing with our hunger for lunch
Happiest was Josh when he got his Mexican tortilla crunch

After that we were fit for fight in our own non-violent kinda way
Waiting for Dan to make sure we wouldn’t go astray
We walked pretty fast then we walked pretty slooow
Knowing that our feet didn’t have that much of a say so

While sweating like crazy and laughing with Alice
going through nicknames like Alas and Malice
The mosquitoes were many and they tried to get us down
But Mary let her anti-mosquito fluid pass around

At the end of the tunnel, in Sullivan, behold the bus
The wheels of justice had arrived to biodiesel-drive us
To Deb & Paul where dinner was served with smalltalk
And I think to myself what a wonderful WAW-walk

Walk Blog: Walking across Wisconsin, witnessing against war

July 22
By Bill Christofferson


In some ways, much of Kathy Kelly’s adult life has been a walk against war. So it was completely in character for her to be walking through Milwaukee Monday, on a 450-mile trek to St. Paul and the Republican national convention.

Kelly, a high school and community college teacher, has repeatedly risked her life and her freedom as an advocate for non-violence. She is now affiliated with Voices for Creative Nonviolence, based in her hometown of Chicago, which organized Witness Against War now making its way across Wisconsin.

Walk Blog: Dan Pearson, July 21

By Dan Pearson
July 21, 2008


More than twenty locals from the Milwaukee area joined us yesterday to walk from Oak Creek to Milwaukee, galvanizing the eight of us who’ve been walking since Chicago. Among them were members of Peace Action, Voces de la Frontera, Vets for Peace, Casa Maria Catholic Worker, students from Marquette University and a member of the Oak Creek chapter of Iraq Vets Against War. The Vets for Peace Chapter of Sheboygan, WI greeted us with a generous lunch in Humboldt Park on the south side of Milwaukee. We were then welcomed with an enthusiastic rally by another 20 or so people at our stopping point in downtown Milwaukee at the well known and somewhat contentious sunburst sculpture, jokingly described by some locals as the “big, orange asterisk.”

Group Walking From Chicago To Minnesota To Protest War

July 21, 2008
Katie DeLong

Watch Video Report

MILWAUKEE - A group of people called Witness Against War are walking from Chicago to St. Paul, Minnesota in protest of the war in Iraq.

They left Milwaukee Monday morning. They’re walking 450 miles to challenge and non-violently resist the fighting.

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