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6 Arrested in Rep. Loretta Sanchez's office in California

by Jennifer Delson
LA Times
August, 9 2007

Six antiwar demonstrators were arrested Wednesday at the Garden Grove office of Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Santa Ana) after camping there overnight and telling her they wouldn’t leave unless she promised not to approve more funding for the war in Iraq.

Photos: Five Peace Activists Arrested At Offices of Rep. Kuhl (R-NY)

August 7, 2007

Five peace activists were arrested on Monday in Bath, NY after refusing to leave the district office of Republican Congressman Randy Kuhl. The protesters submitted a petition signed by 3,000 people urging Kuhl to sign a pledge to vote against further funding of the war in Iraq.

Three Detained While Six Occupy Kuhl's Office in Fairport

Original from Indymedia - Rochester NY
06 Aug 2007

Fairport, NY—Today, August 6, at 11:30AM, six anti-war activists, associated with the Declaration of Peace Campaign and the Occupation Project, occupied the congressional office of Randy Kuhl (R-NY) demanding an immediate end to the war in Iraq. A simultaneous action occurred in Bath, NY at Kuhl’s Southern Tier office where demonstrators were arrested.

She Stands At Every Door

Amman, Jordan
Aug 6, 2007

At a small, informal school in the basement of a church in Amman, many strings of colorful paper cranes bedeck walls and windows. The school serves children whose families have fled Iraq. Older children who come to the school understand the significance of the crane birds. Claudia Lefko, of Northampton, MA, who helped initiate the school, told them Sadako’s story. The Japanese child survived the bombing of Hiroshima, but suffered from radiation sickness. In a Japanese hospital, she wanted to fold 1,000 origami crane birds, believing that by doing so she could be granted a special wish: hers was that no other child would ever suffer as she did. Sadako died before completing the task she’d set for herself, but Japanese children then folded many thousands more cranes, and the story has been told for decades in innumerable places, making the delicate paper cranes a symbol for peace throughout the world.

Today, August 6, children who’ve recently joined the informal school in Amman will learn Sadako’s story.

Judgment Call

Amman, Jordan
August 3, 2007

Governments and Non-Governmental Organizations may seem to be transfixed, almost mesmerized, by the mounting humanitarian catastrophe in Iraq. But, since 2003, an admirable group of NGOs, including Oxfam, has steadily tried to address humanitarian needs through collecting and organizing data, establishing priorities, responding to emergencies, and working out ways to deliver food, medicine, and clean water to some of the neediest areas in Iraq.

North Alabama Committee for Nonviolent Action letter to Government Representatives of North Alabama

July 20, 2007

North Alabama Committee for Nonviolent Action (NACNVA) Madison, Alabama
Voices for Creative Nonviolence (VCNV) Chicago, Illinois

Rep. Bud Cramer
Senator Richard Shelby
Senator Jeff Sessions

Dear Government Representatives of North Alabama

The North Alabama Committee for Nonviolent Action (NACNVA) is again joining the nationwide resistance to war initiated by the Chicago-based Voices for Creative Nonviolence by bringing the Occupation Project to your offices in August, 2007.

Alaska Occupation Project: Necessity Defense Hearing

By Rob Mulford
Aug 1, 2007

Rob Mulford, member of Northstar Veterans For Peace in Fairbanks, Alaska, organized the Alaska Occupation Project in February and March.

Last Friday, July 27, 8:30 a.m. at the Fourth Judicial State Courthouse in Fairbanks I entered into oral argument with the District Attorney for my motion for the defense of necessity concerning my arrest, along with Don Muller of Sitka, on Feb. 20, 2007. We were charge with “criminal trespass II” for taking part in a direct action event, the Occupation Project, at the Fairbanks Alaska office of Senator Ted Stevens. We had remained in the office after the official closing time reading Iraqi and American war dead names after being ordered to leave.

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