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Fort Wayne, IN - 3 demonstrators held after local Iraq protest, meeting

By Amanda Iacone
The Journal Gazette
March 30, 2007

Three people were arrested Thursday inside the E. Ross Adair Federal Building after a demonstration that called for Sens. Evan Bayh and Richard Lugar to stop supporting funding for the war in Iraq.

A group of about 30 protesters gathered outside of the building on South Harrison Street beginning about 11 a.m. Several of the demonstrators also met with Lugar’s staff inside the building to send their message to the senator.

Eugene, OR - Protesters arrested at U.S. Courthouse

By Susan Palmer
The Register-Guard
Published: Friday, March 30, 2007

Peace activists seeking an immediate end to the Iraq war were kicked out of Sen. Gordon Smith’s Eugene office on Thursday afternoon, arrested by Homeland Security officers, handcuffed and escorted from the U.S. Courthouse.

The three Eugene activists had said they planned to stay in Smith’s office until the senator agreed to sign a pledge to cut all funding for the war. Like many other activists who have participated nationally in what is being called the Occupation Project, they expected to get arrested at 5 p.m. when the federal building is closed to the public.

Video: 7 Arrested at Hart Senate Office Building in D.C.

March 29, 2007

On March 29, shortly after the Senate voted in favor of the Iraq-Afghanistan war supplemental spending bill, 7 social justice advocates were arrested at the Hart Senate Office Building. Those arrested included members of the D.C. Antiwar Network, Veterans for Peace, CODEPINK, and the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance.

Senate Approves Iraq - Afghanistan War Funding Bill

March 29, 2007

This morning (March 29) the Senate voted to pass its version of the “emergency” supplemental spending bill that provides just over another $100 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Senate and the House will now appoint members to a conference committee. This committee will hammer out differences between the Senate version and the House version of the bill. Negotiations will likely begin either today or tomorrow. Only relatively small differences in funding amounts exist in the two bills. The other difference is the language and timetable that each uses for beginning a partial withdrawal of U.S. combat forces from Iraq.

Letter to Senator Sanders – From a Nine-Year Old

March 27, 2007
Original Posted at vermontsnarkyboy.blogspot.com/

There were several children in attendance at today’s visit to Sanders’ office, including a nine-year old girl who sat quietly writing her own letter to the senator. When she was done, she had it copied by the office staff and then handed it out to those who wanted to see it. I’m re-printing the letter in its entirety below. It is refreshing – to say the least – to see the school-aged lessons in democracy come flowing out so honestly on paper. We’ve got a lot to learn, my friends.

Dear Senator Sanders,

Stop the war. What do you not understand? What about the kids in Iraq? You are sending money to kill people and you can stop this war.

Taking Risks for Peace

March 27, 2007
Amman, Jordan

As a U.S. citizen currently living in Amman, I have wanted to write an article to The Jordan Times, an article to express my gratitude to King Abdullah for his extraordinary address at a joint meeting of the U.S. Congress in Washington earlier this month.

Democracy Now!: Over 240 Arrested Since "Occupation Project" Launched to Call on Congress to End War Funding

March 27th, 2007

The Senate prepares to vote this week on a $100 billion spending bill that would give the President $100 billion more for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.Last month, the group Voices For Creative Nonviolence launched the Occupation Project. Activists around the country traveled to congressional offices and conducted sit-ins while calling on lawmakers to stop funding the war. We speak with veteran peace activist Kathy Kelly. The Senate is preparing to vote this week on a spending bill that would give the President $100 billion more for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but also establish a timeline for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq by next year. We speak with veteran peace activist Kathy Kelly On Capitol Hill, the Senate is preparing to vote this week on a spending bill that would give the President $100 billion more for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but also establish a timeline for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq by next year. On Friday the House passed a similar bill by a margin of 218 to 212.

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