Voices for Creative Nonviolence has deep, long-standing roots in active nonviolent resistance to U.S. war-making. Begun in the summer of 2005, Voices draws upon the experiences of those who challenged the brutal economic sanctions imposed by the U.S. and U.N. against the Iraqi people between 1990 and 2003. More about Voices

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New Hampshire: Clergy protest funds for war

Mar 7 2007
Portsmouth Herald
For Video see the Portsmouth Herald article

PORTSMOUTH — Peace activists from across New Hampshire came out Tuesday afternoon to ask Sen. John Sununu not to back additional funding for the Iraq war.

Taking a proactive stance, they also urged the senator to use his influence to prevent President Bush from ordering an attack on Iran.

Members of Seacoast Peace Response and clergy members walked into Sununu’s Portsmouth office to present a letter asking him not to support the approximate $93 billion supplemental funding for the Iraq war when it comes up for vote in Congress this spring. A similar event occurred at the same time at the senator’s Manchester office.

Bangor, Maine: Occupation Project Results in 12 Arrests - Photos and Video

Mar 7 2007

Visits to offices of Congressman Mike Michaud and Senator Olympia Snowe in Bangor, Maine to request they STOP FUNDING WAR.

For two additional videos and story:

Charlottesville, VA -- 3 Arrested at Rep Goode's Office

Protestors Arrested at Goode’s Office
Reported by David Douglas
March 7, 2007

For the fourth week in a row, anti-war protestors have gathered outside Virgil Goode’s office in Charlottesville. For the third week in a row, three of those protestors were arrested.

Not So Silent Night -- 5 Arrested at Rep Mark Kirk's Office in Illinois

By Siobhan Kolar
March 7, 2007

Tonight inside Suite 350 at 707 Skokie Boulevard there was not silence but song, prayer and chanting of names of those killed, American and Iraqi, in the last four years of the American occupation of Iraq. Representative Mark Kirk’s office in Northbrook was being occupied by the Engage Nonviolence Affinity group. Those risking arrest tonight included Dave and Barb Corcoran, Dave Martin, Bettina Perillo and John (Jack) Wentland. A staff member stayed with the group until around 9:45 pm, when they were forcibly removed, handcuffed and arrested. Dave C, Dave M and Bettina refused to provide their names to the police and were taken to the Northbrook police station for processing. A staff member at Representative Kirk’s office contacted the Northbrook police and, when he provided the names to the police all three were released. Barb and Jack provided their names to police at the office location and were released from there. All five have a court date of April 23 at 9 a.m.

Michigan-Traverse Area Peace Alerts: Anti-War Presence at Congressional Offices

March 5, 2007

Traverse Area Peace Alerts

Nearly 20 people went to Sen. Levin and Rep. Camp’s offices today in Traverse City. Later in the day a smaller group went to Sen. Stabenow office. We asked for replies to our February 21st No More Funds for War and Bring the Troops Home NOW letter.

Picking up the Pieces

Mar 7, 2007
Amman, Jordan

After a brief visit to the Iraq embassy this morning, I made my way by foot to the old city district. Two Iraqi friends walking behind me were deep in conversation. I was looking downward as the sidewalk was uneven when I spied two discarded jigsaw puzzle pieces. For some reason I was tempted to pick one up. The image seemed appropriate, so many puzzle pieces we struggle to connect.

The new “G” passport that is now being required from all Iraqis is a piece of the puzzle. A piece that is adding to their misery and despair. At least 90 Shiite pilgrims en route to the holy shrine in Kerbala were killed today when two people walking in their midst blew themselves up. Other bombs brought the death toll to over 120. The day before a car bomb killed 30 in the historical book market section of Baghdad, an area I visited on more than one occasion lingering over books that spoke of Iraq’s intellectual wealth. Now “pieces of flesh and remains of books were scattered everywhere” said one witness at the scene.

Tenacity trumps drama on front line of protest

March 6, 2007

By Diane Carman
Denver Post

Janet Roberts smiled as the cop handcuffed her Monday afternoon. In the earnest logic of the Occupation Project, arrest was nothing short of victory.

Roberts’ teenage son had teased her when she kissed him goodbye that morning. Theirs was just a typical American family, he joked, with Dad going to the office and Mom going to jail.

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