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Newark, NJ: Police seize 5 war protesters

Wednesday, March 28, 2007
By Wayne Woolley


Five opponents of the Iraq war were arrested in Newark yesterday after sitting on the floor for 40 minutes in the lobby of the building where U.S. Sens. Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez have offices.

The activists — all members of the anti-war New Jersey Occupation Project — last week had asked the senators, both Democrats, to sign a pledge to vote against a $100 billion spending measure that pays for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

5 Antiwar Protesters Arrested In Congressman Fossella's Office

March 27th, 2007
by David Somerset
New Left Notes

Protesters occupying Rep. Vito Fossella's office (Irving Silverstein / Staten Island Advance)Protesters occupying Rep. Vito Fossella’s office (Irving Silverstein / Staten Island Advance)

Staten Island, NY - March 23, 2007. 5 antiwar protesters were arrested on March 23, 2007 for reading the names of the US war dead aloud at Congressman Vito Fossella’s Staten Island district office - after congressional staffers refused to call Fossella to setup a meeting with the activists. Fossella, son of liberal Democrat Frank Fossella, is an ultra right wing Republican who is known for his pro-war politics and his history of voting against veterans’ benefits.

Rep Nancy Pelosi -- 4 Arrested in D.C.

Iraq war protesters zero in on Pelosi
By Stacy A. Anderson

Los Angeles Times March 23, 2007

WASHINGTON — Chanting antiwar slogans and holding up newspaper photos of dead soldiers, members of the activist group Code Pink protested outside the Capitol Hill office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday, urging the San Francisco Democrat to oppose legislation that would provide an additional $124 billion to fund the Iraq war.

About 15 protesters — wearing foam Statue of Liberty crowns and pink scarves, ties or shoes — were met by a similar number of Capitol Police officers in the hallway of the Cannon House Office Building. After 20 minutes, four were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct because they were “loud and boisterous,” according to a police statement.

Rep Fossella -- 5 Arrested in Staten Island, NY

5 war protesters arrested in Vito’s office
Congressman, decried as Bush’s ‘rubber stamp,’ was 200 miles away in D.C., opposing Iraq bill

Saturday, March 24, 2007

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Around 9 a.m. yesterday, the Eltingville office of Rep. Vito Fossella was “occupied” by seven anti-war protesters demanding an audience with the Republican congressman.

At the same time, he was in Washington voting against a Democratic war spending bill requiring that combat operations in Iraq end by 2008.

Denied their meeting with Fossella, the protesters refused to leave. They vowed to stay until the close of business, until Fossella granted them a meeting — or until they were arrested.

Rep Doris Matsui -- 7 Arrested in Sacramento, CA

March 22, 2007
By Maggie Coulter

The Peace-in organized by Sacramento Coaliition to End the War came to a close today as three dozen people spent 8 hours inside Doris Matsui’s Sacramento office reading the names of the dead, including all the U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq and names of many Iraqis.

While in the office, the Coalition was given a copy of the statement that Matsui intended to read on the House floor, supporting Pelosi’s amended supplemental that provies for at least 18-plus more months of war and an indefinite number of troops to be in Iraq indefinitely. Despite 11 weeks of having people sit in her office asking her to stop funding the war, Matsui is now poised to write yet another check to fund the death and destruction in Iraq.

At 5pm, four vets with Vets for Peace and 3 of their supporters refused to leave and were arrested.

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