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Tom Fox: For the Sake of Our Children

March 9 2007

Tom Fox at the Syrian borderTom Fox at the Syrian border

One year ago, friend and colleague of Voices, Tom Fox was confirmed dead in a Baghdad neighborhood. On November 26th, 2005, Fox and three colleagues - Jim Loney, Harmeet Sooden and Norman Kember - were abducted in Baghdad. It was sometimes difficult during that time to work with the same spirit as Tom and to be as ceaseless as he was in working with and for the people of Iraq and Palestine. Tom accompanied refugees, documented detainee abuses, and advocated for the human rights of all. What has Tom Fox left for us all? Milan Rai says it best in a “Poem for Tom”:

Where there is courage
Tom Fox lives
Where there is strength
Tom Fox lives

Where there is compassion
Tom Fox lives
Where there is faith
Tom Fox lives

In millions of fiery hearts
Tom Fox lives
In the prisons of Iraq
Tom Fox lives

What did Tom work towards, why did Tom work so ceaselessly, and how did he not give in to despair? As it is, Tom wrote quite a bit in the time he spent in Iraq, and it is probably best to let him answer these questions.

For the Sake of Our Children

By Tom Fox
June 21 2005

A colleague and I walked to a shop to pick up an order. The shop owner told us how very depressed she is regarding the ongoing security and infrastructure crisis in Iraq. She feels, as do many Iraqis, that things are getting worse not better. She said she is beginning to feel as if her life has no meaning beyond working nine hours a day, six days a week. A co-worker did not dispute her assessment of the situation but made an impassioned plea never to give up hope for a better future. And even more importantly to never stop working to help bring that better future to come to pass. The co-worker concluded by saying, “Things probably won’t get better in my lifetime but I will keep working to make things better for the sake of our children.”

Our apartment is across the street from a park. Many evenings around the time we are gathering for supper a mother and her three children walk by our living room window. The western sun illuminates her face and the faces of her young children. I don’t know her but in a way I feel I do. She looks tired. So many, many people here in Iraq are so very tired. She looks a bit fearful. Will today be the day when the insurgents set off a car bomb near the park? Will today be the day when the young men of the Iraqi National Guard, riding like cowboys in the back of their pickup trucks, get trigger happy and start shooting with her and her children in the line of fire? Yet day after day I see her taking her children to the park. Underneath the fatigue and the fear I can sense the hope and the courage in her heart. It reflects on her children as does the setting sun reflect on the nearby Tigris River. She gives me courage to face the overwhelming difficulties of life in this broken land. She is living in the present moment fully aware of the dangers and uncertainties and yet she has not given up hope, she has not given in to despair, she has not let herself be driven into hiding by men with guns and bombs. She is my teacher. She teaches me how to live fully conscious of the horrors of today and still be able to envision a future of promise, peace and plenty. I would pray that we all live each day, no matter where we are, “for the sake of our children.”

For more about Tom Fox see the Christian Peacemaker Teams website

Iraq War Funding Update

March 8, 2007

Congress is poised to vote on the supplemental spending bill to provide additional funds for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The following article is from The Hill, March 8, 2007. Highlights include:

  • House Democratic leaders have developed their plan for the supplemental spending bill.
  • The House Appropriations Committee will act upon the supplemental spending bill next week (the week of March 12).
  • No attempts to amend the bill will be allowed to made on the floor of the House when the full House considers the bill.
  • Because no amendments will be allowed, there will be no opportunity to include substantive language for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the U.S.
  • The supplemental spending bill is now expected to include language that the U.S. would begin a “phased redeployment” from Iraq if Iraq fails to meet certain benchmarks set by the U.S.

Take Action:

  • Call your Representative and Senators to tell them to vote against the supplemental spending bill. The Congressional Switchboard will connect you to their offices. Phone number: 202-224-3121
  • Organize an office occupation of your Representative and Senators if they do not publicly commit to voting against additional funding for the Iraq war.

Penobscot Bay Occupation Project -- 12 Arrested at Senator Collins Maine Office

March 7, 2007

Twelve people were arrested for criminal trespassing at Senator Collins office in Bangor, Maine at about 5 p.m. this evening. They had called upon the Senator to stop funding the war in Iraq. A $100 billion supplemental appropriations bill will be voted on later this month.

New Hampshire: Clergy protest funds for war

Mar 7 2007
Portsmouth Herald
For Video see the Portsmouth Herald article

PORTSMOUTH — Peace activists from across New Hampshire came out Tuesday afternoon to ask Sen. John Sununu not to back additional funding for the Iraq war.

Taking a proactive stance, they also urged the senator to use his influence to prevent President Bush from ordering an attack on Iran.

Members of Seacoast Peace Response and clergy members walked into Sununu’s Portsmouth office to present a letter asking him not to support the approximate $93 billion supplemental funding for the Iraq war when it comes up for vote in Congress this spring. A similar event occurred at the same time at the senator’s Manchester office.

Bangor, Maine: Occupation Project Results in 12 Arrests - Photos and Video

Mar 7 2007

Visits to offices of Congressman Mike Michaud and Senator Olympia Snowe in Bangor, Maine to request they STOP FUNDING WAR.

For two additional videos and story:

Charlottesville, VA -- 3 Arrested at Rep Goode's Office

Protestors Arrested at Goode’s Office
Reported by David Douglas
March 7, 2007

For the fourth week in a row, anti-war protestors have gathered outside Virgil Goode’s office in Charlottesville. For the third week in a row, three of those protestors were arrested.

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