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Portland, OR: 3 Denied Access to Senator Smith's Office and Arrested

March 16, 2007

Defund the War: Portland, Oregon

March 16, 2007, Portland, OR - Peter Bergel, Mike Glazen and Bob Projansky were all arrested for failing to leave the property at the World Trade Center. They, along with supporters, were trying to visit with Oregon Senator Smith or his Office staff.

This is a film by www.joe-anybody.com

For the journal of arrestee Peter Bergel:

Iraq-Jordan: Authorities consider imposing visas on Iraqis

March 15, 2007

AMMAN, 15 March 2007 (IRIN) - Iraqis fleeing sectarian violence in their country will soon have to get visas from the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad before arriving at the kingdom’s borders, a senior government official told IRIN.

No date has been set for the implementation of the move and it is not intended to curb the number of Iraqis entering the kingdom, said the official on condition of anonymity.

“We want to make it easier for them so they are not refused entry at the borders,” he said.

The new procedures are expected to affect at least 500 asylum seekers daily, according to officials from the Jordanian Ministry of the Interior.

The Occupation Project--six weeks in and time to step it up

March 14 2007
Pulse of the Twin Cities

More information about the Minnesota Occupation Project

As the Occupation Project rolls into week six, the vigils continue. The project is a national effort to end the Iraq War by pressuring Congress to cut off funding. Activists around the state have been holding all-day vigils every Tuesday in the offices of both Minnesota senators and seven of the eight representatives. Fifth District Congressman Keith Ellison has already promised to vote against further funding.

CODEPINK Co-founder Gael Murphy and 10 Activists Arrested at the Public Appropriations Commitee Vote

Mar 15, 2007

CODEPINK Co-founder Gael Murphy and 10 other peace activists were arrested Thursday morning at 9:30 am while attempting to enter the public Appropriations Committee vote on the Supplemental Bill allocating $100 billion for the war in Iraq. CODEPINK has been lobbying hard against the passage of this bill and will hold a press conference today to respond to Ms. Murphy’s forceful arrest and today’s vote in the House Appropriations Committee. They will express their dismay that the Democrats, who were given a mandate for peace in the November election, but are allowing a bill to go to the House floor that will let the war drag on into 2008 instead of using their power of the purse to cut funds for the war.

The Occupation Project Update: Continuing the Struggle to End Iraq War Funding

March 13, 2007

Since February 5, over 160 arrests have occurred during the Occupation Project campaign. As we write this email and prepare to send it out, we are aware of at least four office occupations in which people are risking arrest. While the Occupation Project campaign was initially conceived of as an eight week campaign, we are extending the campaign into April, with a 21 day liquids only fast scheduled to occur (with some on water only and some on juice and water) and a day of nationally coordinated civil disobedience actions on April 16-Tax Day and the day Congress returns to resume action on the supplemental spending bill (most likely by this time it will be in the form of a compromise bill being finalized between the House and the Senate versions of the bill).

Following are key dates in the campaign:

Iraq War Supplemental Passes House Appropriations Committee

March 15, 2007
1:00 p.m.

The House Appropriations Committee just passed the supplemental spending bill by a near-party line vote of 36 to 28. One Democrat voted against the bill. Representative Barbara Lee chose to not introduce her amendment which would have required the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of this year. She stated that this decision was made at the request of the Chair of the committee, Representative David Obey.

Joliet, IL -- 1 Arrested at Rep Weller's Office

March 13, 2007

Yesterday approximately fifteen of us gathered outside congressman Weller’s office in Joliet. Some of us had our signs and went to the street and got a surprisingly positive response from people who blew their horns and waved. The ones who opposed our views were few but equally demonstrative. They shouted epithets and gave us the one finger salute.

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