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Rep John Lewis Statement on the House Floor Opposing Iraq War Funding

March 19, 2007
Representative John Lewis (D-GA)

(On March 19, 2007, Congressman John Lewis rose on the floor of the House of Representatives to firmly state his continued opposition to the war in Iraq. His work for social justice goes back at least as far back as his work with the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee in the 1960’s).

Mr. Speaker,

I rise with deep concern that on this very day 4 years ago, our Nation inaugurated a conflict, an unnecessary war, a war of choice, not a necessity.

The most comprehensive intelligence we have, the National Intelligence Estimate and the latest Pentagon report, tells us that Iraq had descended into a state of civil war. Over 3,000 Americans have died, and hundreds of thousands, some even say up to 1 million citizens of Iraq, have lost their lives in this unnecessary conflict.

And while we are telling our veterans of this war, the elderly, the poor, and the sick that there is no room in the budget for them, the American people have spent over $400 billion on a failed policy. We cannot do more of the same. Mr. Speaker, violence begets violence. It does not lead to peace.

Mikulski sit-ins; Three others head back to senator's office

March 21, 2007
Capital News Service - Baltimore Messenger

WASHINGTON — Four anti-war protesters, including Kristin Sundell of Hampden, were arraigned on unlawful entry charges March 13 in District of Columbia Superior Court.

Then, three of the four — but not Sundell — headed right back to the scene of their arrests on Feb. 27, the Washington office of U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski.

For the second time in as many weeks, Stephen Lane, 66, of Bethesda; Jean Athey, 61, of Brookville, and Peter Perry, 37, of Derwood were arrested by U.S. Capitol Police for failing to leave the senator’s office after its 6 p.m. closing.

St. Louis: March and Delivery of the Deed to McCaskill

"The Bill" shown at the beginning of an anti-war march in Downtown St. Louis.“The Bill” shown at the beginning of an anti-war march in Downtown St. Louis.

March 21, 2007
St. Louis Occupation Project

There is an excellent set of photographs as well as an article that can be viewed online at wikilou.com.

On Monday, March 19, a group of 200 people marched to the office of Senator Claire McCaskill to deliver a Deed for the War in Iraq. Here is an 8-minute video that shows the march through downtown Saint Louis, the arrival at the Robert A. Young Federal Building, and the negotiations that led to an agreement that six members of our delegation would take the deed and a large $100 billion bill up to the office. Once inside the office, the text of the deed was read to McCaskill’s staff.

Response to The Deed’s confiscationResponse to The Deed’s confiscation

Amman Jordan: The Border Is Now Closed

Amman, Jordan
March 20, 2007

A bad back forced me to stay at home yesterday. I was to meet a woman friend at the Iraqi embassy at 7:00am. We heard they would begin taking applications for the new “G” series passport, applications to be sent to Baghdad by courier. This friend, also in need of the new passport, telephoned me later to say that hundreds of Iraqis had shown up at the embassy. Only those with appointment cards however were allowed to enter. She needs the “G” passport as she has received a scholarship to attend a three-week Peace Building Training course which begins the end of May in Vermont. My friend returned to the embassy today as instructed, and was given an appointment for this coming Sunday. They told her that the first batch of applications will be sent to Baghdad on April 1st, and that it will take at least two months for the passports.

5 Arrested Outside the Locked Office of Senator Durbin in Chicago

March 20, 2007

By Sean Reynolds
[Voices Note: Sean Reynolds sought to expand the Conspiracy of Life that is the Occupation Project. In the days leading up to this action, Sean obtained signatures on petitions urging Senator Durbin to vote against further funding of the Iraq war and stating their support of Sean’s act of civil disobedience if Durbin would not make such a public pledge to vote “no”.]

Last week a group of us decided that today March 19th would be the day to sit down as close to Senator Dick Durbin’s office as we could get, and refuse to budge until he either agreed to vote against Bush’s $93,000,000,000 war supplemental, or else had us carted off. I arranged for 1½ days of vacation time, (a half-day for the action, a day to recuperate) telling folks I work with that I and some friends had “to go visit a friend who lives in Springfield, talk to him about a wrong decision he’s making, and I might not get back until Wednesday.”

Members of Christian Peacemaker Teams Arrested in Rep. Rahm Emanuel's Office

Fake Dead, Blood Make Argument Against War

By Josh Noel, Tribune staff reporter; Andrew Schroedter and The Associated Press contributed to this report

Chicago Tribune

March 20, 2007

Shortly after the third and final protester against the Iraq war fell to the floor at Rep. Rahm Emanuel’s storefront office Monday afternoon, a group of schoolchildren walked by.

Charlottesville, VA: March 14th Arrest of 2 in Virgil Goode's office

March 20, 2007

Two more folks were arrested in Virgil Goode’s office this past Wednesday, bringing our total to 11; 2-3 a week for four weeks. So far all of us have court on April 6th—“Goode Friday”.

For a letter sent to the local Charlottesville paper:

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