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The Occupation Project: Sen. Barbara Mikulski

February 27, 2007

Maryland Occupation Project

Camera/Editing Kathleen Gabel
Producer Tyler H Westbrook Contact Tyler Westbrook for more info at

4 arrested at Sen. Mikulski’s D.C. office

Occupation Project, Gordon Smith, Portland OR - "arrested for attempting to visit"

Mar 2 2007

Valerie Kelly and Tom Hastings, of the Defund the War campaign in Oregon, attempted to visit with Sen. Gordon Smith. They didn’t get to the office, but Kelly was arrested nonetheless. The following is a report from Valerie Kelly, a letter she wished to present to the senator, and a report for Tom Hastings who provided support for the day.

My Small Act of Civil Disobedience

Michael T. McPhearson
Executive Director, Veterans for Peace
February 28, 2007

Yesterday, Feb 27th, I participated in my first open act of civil disobedience as part of the Occupation Project. I along with St. Louis local chapter President Chuc Smith, three other veterans; Jim Allen, Harry Wyman and VFP office manager Cherie Eichholz and Military Families Speak Out Member D. Ridgley Brown visited Representative Russ Carnahan’s office to continue our conversation to persuade him to vote down any bills that continue to provide funding for the war in Iraq. Jim Allen and I decided to sit-in to protest Carnahan’s refusal to pledge not to continue funding for the war. As a result, Jim and I were arrested.

U.S. House Democrats seek more war funds than Bush

Mar 1 2007
By Richard Cowan

WASHINGTON, March 1 (Reuters) - U.S. House of Representatives Democrats will more than fully fund President George W. Bush’s request for money to fight wars in Iraq and Afghanistan this year, but are still debating conditions that could be attached, senior lawmakers said on Thursday.

“There will be $98 billion for the military part,” about $5 billion above the Bush administration’s request, said Rep. John Murtha, chairman of a defense spending panel overseeing war funds.

3 peace activists arrested at Voinovich's office

Mar 1 2007
Toledo Blade

Three members of the Northwest Ohio Peace Coalition were arrested yesterday after they refused to leave the lobby of the Ohio Building downtown, where U.S. Sen. George Voinovich (R., Ohio) has his Toledo office.

The arrests occurred a week after four other coalition members were charged with criminal trespassing for refusing to leave the Toledo office of U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur. The protesters targeted the two legislators because they have not signed a letter agreeing to stop supplemental federal funding for the war in Iraq.

Anti-war activists arrested at Rep. Goode's district office (Virginia)

By the Associated Press
Daily Press
February 28, 2007

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Three women protesting the Iraq war were charged with trespassing Wednesday after they refused to leave one of Rep. Virgil Goode’s district offices.

Sen. Barbara Mikulski Has Her Own Constituents Arrested

February 27, 2007

Nonviolent Maryland citizens protesting Iraq War are taken away by Capitol Police; Senator continues to support war funding

Washington, D.C. - At 6:05pm on February 27, Sen. Barbara Mikulski had Capitol Police arrest four of her own constituents when they refused to leave her office. The four were part of a group of 20 that nonviolently occupied Sen. Mikulski’s office for three hours that afternoon, reading the names of Iraqi and American dead in a memorial to those killed, and in a plea to Sen. Mikulski to stop voting for continued war funding.

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