Voices for Creative Nonviolence has deep, long-standing roots in active nonviolent resistance to U.S. war-making. Begun in the summer of 2005, Voices draws upon the experiences of those who challenged the brutal economic sanctions imposed by the U.S. and U.N. against the Iraqi people between 1990 and 2003. More about Voices

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Activists Protesting Armed Drones Arrested at Creech AFBReproduced from the Las Vegas Review-Journal
NDE to Serve Creech AFB with War Crimes IndictmentPress Release from Nevada Desert Experience
We Don't Want You to Swim in the RiverKindness and Solidarity Can Occur Among the Dispossessed
A Rising Number of Children Are Dying from U.S. Explosives Littering Afghan Land"The boys’ families were accustomed to the thundering explosions from military training exercises, which sometimes shattered windows in their village."
#NotABugSplat: Art Installation in Pakistan Puts a Face on Drone VictimsFeatured in Reason Magazine
Talks, Tears Highlight Rally Against DronesWhiteman Air Force Base April 7

Arrival to Karbala

As far as the eye could see, cars, trucks and buses were lined up, 4 and 5 abreast, trying to get through the single-lane checkpoint into Karbala. I would learn later that the night before Iraqi government forces attacked the nearby Sunni city of Fallujah. Karbala, a Shia city with the venerated shrines of Imam Hussein and his brother Abbas, was on high alert fearing retaliation.

Salt and Terror in Afghanistan

The cost of maintaining one U.S. soldier has recently risen to 2.1. million dollars per year. The amount of money spent to keep three U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan in 2014 could almost cover the cost of a four year program to deliver fortified foods to 15 million Afghan people.

Making Iowa into a War Zone

The F-16 jets of the Iowa Air National Guard that formerly buzzed the city of Des Moines have disappeared and we are told that their base at the Des Moines International Airport is in the process of refitting into a command center for unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs, commonly called drones. The MQ-9 Reaper drones themselves will not be coming to Iowa but will be based in and launched overseas. When airborne, these unmanned planes will be flown by remote control via satellite link from Des Moines. Classified by the military as a “Hunter-Killer platform,” the MQ-9 Reaper is armed with Hellfire missiles and 500 pound bombs that according to plan will be launched by airmen sitting at computer terminals in Des Moines.

Cathy Breen, from Jordan

Tonight is my second night in Jordan. The friend I am staying with, together with his wife, pastors a little church. They have lived and worked alongside Iraqi refugees for many years. I’d asked if they could put me up for a couple of days before I travel to Iraq. The neighborhood where they live would be considered by many in Amman to be a “slum” area. I knew from past visits that there is a large Iraqi population there. The area is now being flooded with poor Syrians. The pastor and his team feel overwhelmed by the numbers, unable to meet the desperate needs. “Where we had 15 before at a women’s meeting, there are now 50 or 60.” The majority are Muslim, and everyone is welcome.

No Seat for Syrian Women at the Peace Talks

The talks in Syria began today, with the Syrian government and opposition exchanging accusations and invectives. Missing was the voice of nonviolent civilians, especially women, even through they have been trying for months to have a seat at the table. “When we talk about women at the table, the men see them as the tablecloth,” said Hibaaq Osman, an NGO leader who has been working with Syrian women and pushing for their inclusion. “The future of Syria should not exclusively be decided by those who carry guns

Don't Let Senator Kirk Drag Us into another War!

Feb 1 2014 - 1:30pm

This is an invite to Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) Chicago’s No War on Iran Protest. As many of you are aware, our very own Senator Mark Kirk introduced Senate bill S.1881 aimed at derailing a peace settlement with Iran and making a war with Iran more likely.

In recent weeks the bill looked close to passing with 59 Senators supporting. Fortunately and partially because of the peace movement’s response, support for the bill is waning, and there are even some Democratic cosponsors of the bill now wavering in their support of this dangerous bill. Please join IVAW and other peace groups to help us send a strong message of No War on Iran!

Demand that Sen. Kirk drop his co-sponsorship of S.1881 and pledge to vote against it!

Please join and share the Facebook event!

Cosponsored by: American Friends Service Committee, Antiwar Committee Chicago, Civilian Soldier Alliance-Chicago, Gay Liberation Network, Illinois Coalition Against Torture, Iraq Veterans Against the War-Chicago, Pakistan Federation of America, Veterans for Peace-Chicago, Vietnam Veterans Against the War-Chicago, Voices for Creative Non Violence

ABC Building
190 N State
Chicago, IL 60601
See map: Google Maps

Welcome to Afghanistan

by Eva Jasiewicz

Mention Afghanistan and most people think of the Taliban, Osama Bin Laden, caves, drones, dust, and burkas. It’s a country few of us have a relationship with, even though our government has been at war with it three times, right now being the third and longest modern-day occupation for Britain to date.

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