Occupation Project Continues: Chicago Action

October 16th, 2007

CHIGAGO - In a combined action by members of 8th Day Center for Justice, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, and St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Worker, 15 people were arrested while protesting Senator Richard Durbin’s continued support for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Also, listen to Free Speech Radio News segment Occupation Project Targets Senator Durbin’s Office. Johnny Hap reports from WZRD in Chicago.

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POEM: The Eyes of These Two Children

Author of Battlefield without Borders: Iraq Poems

All proceeds from the sale of Battlefield without Borders: Iraq Poems (all but $2.00 of the sale price) goes directly to Iraqi victims of this war. For more information, including brief portraits of the families we are assisting, visit www.battlefieldwithoutborders.org or e-mail the author at david@battlefieldwithoutborders.org.

Occupation Project Video: Young people against the war

October 13, 2007

On September 21st twelve courageous Iowa young people occupied the office of Senator Charles Grassley demanding that he take a strong stand to end the U.S. war in Iraq and to bring the troops home as soon as possible. To stop funding this illegal and immoral war being wages in our name. They called for all young people to stand for Peace!

More videos by soundslikesouth1

Des Moines Jury Finds Protesters Not Guilty

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, September/October 2007, pages 49-50

By Michael Gillespie

IN A DRAMATIC ending to a three-day trial, a jury unanimously found five Iowa peace activists “not guilty” of charges of trespassing at the Des Moines office of Iowa Republican Sen. Charles Grassley in February. Acquitted in the July 11 verdict were Des Moines peace activist Elton Davis, Iowa Methodist Federation for Social Action member Chester Guinn, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) Iowa Program Coordinator Kathleen McQuillen, Catholic Peace Ministry executive director Brian Terrell, and Catholic Just Faith member Dixie Webb.

Protesters grow frustrated as war wears on

Monday, October 08, 2007

By Robert Stern / Times of Trenton

TRENTON, NJ — Mary Ellen Marino has had enough of the Iraq war.

She is fed up that too many lawmakers from both political parties are acting too slowly or not at all in heeding the message from anti-war activists like herself that it’s past time that U.S. troops leave Iraq.

It’s a message that Marino, a peace activist from Princeton Borough, and other demonstrators are trying to deliver not just through anti-war marches but also by directly pressuring individual members of Congress through smaller-scale rallies, sit-ins and lobbying of their offices.

Even civil disobedience — generally in the form of purposely occupying a legislator’s office even beyond business hours — has become a tactic meant to draw attention and provoke change.

SODaPOP Launches November 7 and 8 in Des Moines, Iowa

October 8, 2007
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More Campaign Resources

Seasons of Discontent: A Presidential Occupation Project (SODaPOP) will launch on November 7, introducing nonviolent direct action / civil disobedience / civil resistance against the war in Iraq into the presidential election process.

SODaPOP will focus upon those Presidential candidates, both Democrats and Republicans, who do not publicly commit to 1) concrete plans for the complete withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Iraq within 100 days of becoming President, and 2) opposing U.S. military action against Iran. Candidates in the House or Senate are also expected to publicly commit to opposing any further funding for U.S. military forces in Iraq, other than those funds necessary for the immediate and complete withdrawal of all military forces.

Iraq - Afghanistan War Spending: Legislative Update: Oct 7, 2007

October 7, 2007
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Congress will likely act before the end of October on at least a portion of the $192 billion that President Bush is seeking to fund the Iraq - Afghanistan war for Fiscal Year 2008 (which runs from October 1, 2007 through September 30, 2008). Legal and extralegal (civil disobedience / civil resistance) lobbying should take place between now and the end of October.

You can find out who your Representative and Senators are at the website Congress.org, along with phone numbers and contact information.

Following is a likely legislative timeline that Congress may follow.

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