Now available: “Ground the Drones- the trial of the Creech 14, 2nd Edition”

Now available:

“Ground the Drones- the trial of the Creech 14, 2nd Edition”

This 48 page book is redacted and only slightly edited from the original courtroom transcripts of the trial of fourteen activists arrested at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada while protesting the use of robotic “unmanned aerial vehicles,” drones, for extrajudicial executions in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Includes testimony from expert witnesses- Former US Attorney General RAMSEY CLARK, Col.ANN WRIGHT, former US State Dept. diplomat, and BILL QUIGLEY, legal director of the Center for Constitutional Rights, in response to questions posed by defendants Kathy Kelly of Voices for Creative Nonviolence and Jesuit priest Steve Kelly and cross-examination by over-zealous deputy district attorneys. Kathy Kelly’s opening statement and Brian Terrell’s closing statement are included, as are the conflicting (and conflicted) orders of Judge William Jansen.

“Vegas drone trial makes history,” read one local newspaper’s headline, describing proceedings that took place on September 13, 2010 in Justice Court of the Township of Las Vegas. In this trial the defendants and their witnesses skillfully circumvented a judge’s order to severely limit testimony to the bare “facts” of an alleged trespass. They were able to witness not only to drones as a murderous and unthinking leap in war technology but also to the grave legal, moral and religious responsibilities of citizens of a nation engaged in wars of aggression.

Keeping the format of a trial transcript, “Ground the Drones” naturally lends itself to dramatic group reading. It is useful as a resource for those actively resisting war crimes in the streets and the courts and for those considering joining them.

A $5 per copy donation is suggested and can be obtained from Strangers and Guests Catholic Worker Farm, 108 Hillcrest Drive, Maloy, Iowa 50836. A pdf file of “Ground the Drones” can be emailed to you gratis, from .

The Creech 14 are Jerry Zawada, John Dear, Libby Pappalardo, Brian Terrell, Judy Homanich, Mariah Klusmire, Steve Kelly, Dennis Duvall, Kathy Kelly, Eve Tetaz, Brad Lyttle, Renee Espeland, Megan Rice and Louis Vitale.

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