Occupation Project Resources

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July 2007 Senate Votes on Iraq War AmendmentsTally and text of Senate votes on four amendments regarding the Iraq war.Jul 12, 2007
Resource: House and Senate Voting Records on War FundingHouse and Senate Voting Records - tables tracking key votes on funding of the U.S. war in IraqJun 20, 2007
Iraq - Afghanistan War Spending: Legislative Update: Oct 7, 2007Legislative update on status of Iraq - Afghanistan War SpendingOct 07, 2007
Iraq and Afghanistan Supplemental Spending 2008A comprehensive analysis of the 2008 Iraq war funding request--a must read.May 08, 2007
Money for Nothing: Iraq War Funding, 2004 to 2007Jeff Leys analyzes war funding for FY 2007, including the $93 billion supplemental spending billFeb 14, 2007
Occupation Project Action IdeasAction Ideas for occupying offices of your representativesFeb 12, 2007
Senate Appropriations Committee -- Members and Contact InfoSenate Appropriations Committee -- Members and Contact InfoJan 18, 2007
House Appropriations Committee -- Member List and Contact InfoHouse Appropriations Committee -- Contact information of membersJan 18, 2007
Appropriations Committee -- Contact Info and Sample LetterAppropriations Committee: contact info, sample letterJan 18, 2007
Sample Letter to Representative and SenatorsSample Letter to Representative and SenatorsJan 10, 2007
Congressional Pledge to Vote Against Iraq War FundsCongressional Pledge to Vote Against Iraq War FundsJan 10, 2007
Legislative Action: Sample Letter, Pledge to Vote No, and Congress Contact InfoContact Congress: Sample Letter, Sample Pledge, and Contact InformationJan 10, 2007
Questions and Answers about the 2007 Supplemental Spending BillDownload, Print, and share this Occupation Project resource, Jan 04, 2007
Campaign Flyers and Background MaterialsFlyers and Background Material for the Occupation Project campaignDec 29, 2006
Brother Can You Spare a Dime? Iraq War Spending in Fiscal Year 2007An analysis of the costs of Iraq War Spending from 2004 to 2007Dec 28, 2006
Never Ending Funding for the Never Ending Iraq War: An Analysis of the 2006 Supplemental Spending BillAnalysis of the 2006 Supplemental Spending Bill for the Iraq WarDec 27, 2006
Analysis and Talking Points on the 2005 Supplemental Spending BillAnalysis and Talking Points on the 2005 Supplemental Spending BillDec 27, 2006
January 2007 - House Of Representative Voting RecordsVoting records concerning supplemental spending bills and the resolution to go to war.Dec 21, 2006
Questions And Answers About Civil Disobedience And The Legal ProcessInformation for you and your affinity group as you prepare to engage in civil disobedienceDec 18, 2006
Office occupations to end the Iraq warBruce Gagnon: How office occupations work and what they might look in your local communityDec 18, 2006