Other Lands Have Dreams

CounterPunch Press is publishing Other Lands Have Dreams: From Baghdad to Pekin Prison, by Kathy Kelly, a co-founder of Voices in the Wilderness, with a Foreword by Milan Rai and an Afterward by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair.

Other Lands Have Dreams features analysis by Milan Rai (author of Regime Unchanged and social justice organizer in the United Kingdom) and Kathy’s writings from Baghdad and prison, with introductory remarks to place each section within its historical and contemporary setting.

Other Lands Have Dreams is Kathy’s account of her time in Iraq from the first Gulf War of 1991, through the misery of 12 years of economic sanctions, to the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq that began with Operating Shock and Awe and continues to the present.

Kathy, a founder of Voices in the Wilderness, returned to the U.S. and engaged in nonviolent / civil disobedience at two locations of the U.S. war machine: Project ELF in northern Wisconsin (since closed) and School of the Americas at Fort Benning, GA. Kathy served three months in federal prison for her nonviolent resistance at Fort Benning, Georgia, home to the School of the Americas. Kathy recounts in detail the miseries experienced by U.S. prisoners in a climate where the merciless war on drugs has fostered a “throw away the key mentality.”

Kathy Kelly’s Biography

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