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Afghans want nonviolent options for the People, options to end the warFrom Hakim and the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers
Dear FriendsApril 10th Letter from Cathy Breen in Damascus
Anatomy of an Afghan war tragedyU.S. Predator teams and a special operations unit on the ground studying a suspicious convoy make a series of fateful missteps as they try to distinguish friend from foe.
Holding Out for a LaughCathy Breen writes from Damascus
Dear FriendsCathy Breen writes from Damascus
Simon Moyle questions Australian Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd about Afghanistan Watch the response on the popular Austrialian TV show "Q &A"
“White City” in Afghanistan, Black Heart in FloridaBy Kathleen Kirwin in Kabul
Our Demand Must Be "US Troops Out of Afghanistan Now!"By Brian Terrell
Steve Clemens delivers a letter from the AYPVs to Congressman Keith EllisonWatch the video
On Visiting an Unwinnable War Author David Swanson heads to Afghanistan
What If the US and NATO Forces Leave? By Peggy Gish in Kabul
We need a different treeAfghan Youth Peace Volunteers, with an international team of 24 peacemakers, planted 55 trees at a school in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Killing Civilians in Afghanistan is TerrorismAfter nearly ten years of war Afghanistan is mired in terror, brutality, and a security situation that is worsening
A Grave InsultPhotos published of alleged U.S. atrocities in Afghanistan, and VCNV response
Celebrating Nauroz in KabulPat Kennelly writes from Kabul
Finding Hope in Afghanistan*By Jake Olzen
Peace is a Dirty Wordby Patrick Kennelly
Afghan 'talk of peace' must walkYouth Peace Volunteers and others engage in peace walk in Kabul
Pursuing Peace in Afghanistanby Patrick Kennelly
“One Blue Sky Above Us.”by Kathy Kelly
Come, the Afghan spring is here!As the delegation is arriving in Kabul, a message from Hakim and the AYPVs
Names of the nine children killed, plus one injured, by NATO/ISAF forces in the March 1st air raid in Kunar, Afghanistan
Afghan Civilians Intentionally Targeted by NATO/ISAF ForcesAfghans for Peace on recent NATO bombings
U.S. apology for Afghan deaths "not enough": Karzai"The Kunar incident is not the first and it will not be the last time civilian casualties are caused by foreign troops."
Incalculable by Kathy Kelly
Live Without WarsA Project with the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers
Seeking a Shoreby David Smith-Ferri
Uprising in Egypt An observation
This is Not a Place for LifeMike Ferner of Vets for Peace Reports back from Afghanistan
Afghanistan – The People’s December ReviewIn the first person voice of Abdulai, a fifteen year old Afghan boy whose father was killed by the Taliban
The Verdict: Guilty of Protesting the DronesBy John Dear
Afghans Want a Nonviolent End to the WarNonviolent Options for Afghanistan
Interview with Noam ChomskyAfghan Youth Peace Volunteers exchange with Prof. Chomsky
"Creech 14" Sentencing StatementsThe "Creech 14" speak to Judge Jansen upon hearing thier sentences.
Press Release: "Creech 14" Verdict"Creech 14" Anti-drone protesters vow to continue activism following guilty verdict in Las Vegas courtroom
"Creech 14" Found Guilty of Trespassing, Judge Says ‘Go in Peace’Judge William Jansen, in a 20-page decision, ruled that the "Creech 14" who protested April 9, 2009, at the base, were guilty of the crime of trespassing.
The Tragic US Strategy in AfghanistanEither the administration has deluded itself or it can't muster the courage to tell the American public the truth.
Update: Witness Against Torture 2011, Washington D.C.Jerica Arents, Mary Dean, Kathy Kelly and Gerald Paoli Participate in the Fast For Justice
Eric Stoner, Mike Ferner and Kathy Kelly give a report-back from AfghanistanAll Soul's Unitarian church in New York
Toledo activist in Afghanistan to advocate for immediate pulloutFerner to aid in global call-in awareness campaign
'Dear Afghanistan': A Global Listening Project for PeaceMike Ferner, National President of Veterans for Peace reports back from Kabul
“Dear Afghanistan:” A New Year’s Call for PeaceOn New Year’s Day, 01/01/11, people around the world are invited to raise their voices, through Facebook, Twitter, Free Conference calls, Skype, and blogs to put an end to war.
Afghan Youth Supply Their Answer to US's December Review Thursday 23 December 2010 The Global Day of Listening to Afghans brought together listeners from around the world in a day-long call that offered a grassroots alternative to the US official report.
NATO denies plans to run special-ops in PakistanMike Ferner, Ann Wright, and Kathy Kelly on RT news
Comparing human rights, education and infrastructure in Afghanistan and Iran Jerica Arents and Mary Dean on Worldview wıth Jerome McDonnell
Over Wo(my)n’s Dead Bodies: On Surviving ‘Liberation’By Farah Mokhtareizadeh
We Want You Out of AfghanistanSupport this plea from the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers and Afghans for Peace and get on the phone call December 19th, 2010
Afghanistan Improving? Rubbishby David Smith-Ferri
A Letter from Cathy Breen Cathy Breen writes about her visit with Iraqi families in Canada and Michigan
Hunger and Anger in AfghanistanKathy Kelly Responds to the "December Review" Through the Eyes of Afghan Civilians