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"Creech 14" Found Guilty of Trespassing, Judge Says ‘Go in Peace’Judge William Jansen, in a 20-page decision, ruled that the "Creech 14" who protested April 9, 2009, at the base, were guilty of the crime of trespassing.
The Tragic US Strategy in AfghanistanEither the administration has deluded itself or it can't muster the courage to tell the American public the truth.
Update: Witness Against Torture 2011, Washington D.C.Jerica Arents, Mary Dean, Kathy Kelly and Gerald Paoli Participate in the Fast For Justice
Eric Stoner, Mike Ferner and Kathy Kelly give a report-back from AfghanistanAll Soul's Unitarian church in New York
Toledo activist in Afghanistan to advocate for immediate pulloutFerner to aid in global call-in awareness campaign
'Dear Afghanistan': A Global Listening Project for PeaceMike Ferner, National President of Veterans for Peace reports back from Kabul
“Dear Afghanistan:” A New Year’s Call for PeaceOn New Year’s Day, 01/01/11, people around the world are invited to raise their voices, through Facebook, Twitter, Free Conference calls, Skype, and blogs to put an end to war.
Afghan Youth Supply Their Answer to US's December Review Thursday 23 December 2010 The Global Day of Listening to Afghans brought together listeners from around the world in a day-long call that offered a grassroots alternative to the US official report.
NATO denies plans to run special-ops in PakistanMike Ferner, Ann Wright, and Kathy Kelly on RT news
Comparing human rights, education and infrastructure in Afghanistan and Iran Jerica Arents and Mary Dean on Worldview wıth Jerome McDonnell
Over Wo(my)n’s Dead Bodies: On Surviving ‘Liberation’By Farah Mokhtareizadeh
We Want You Out of AfghanistanSupport this plea from the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers and Afghans for Peace and get on the phone call December 19th, 2010
Afghanistan Improving? Rubbishby David Smith-Ferri
A Letter from Cathy Breen Cathy Breen writes about her visit with Iraqi families in Canada and Michigan
Hunger and Anger in AfghanistanKathy Kelly Responds to the "December Review" Through the Eyes of Afghan Civilians
Photos From the October 2010 Delegation to AfghanistanJerica Arents Shares Images She Captured in Afghanistan
Global Day of Listening to AfghansOn December 18 and 19, 2010 engage in dialog and solidarity with Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers
Open letter from Afghan Youth to our World LeadersPlease help Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers forward this crucial letter far and wide.
Watch Video of Drone Warfare Awareness Action in Milwaukee, WisconsinCasa Maria and the Marquette Center for Peacemaking hold a mock drone attack in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
A Conversation with Firas Majeed of Native Without a Nation Connecting Iraqi refugees in Syria with classrooms in the United States
The Voluble CenterDavid Smith Ferri Writing From Charahi Qamber Refugee Camp, Kabul
Kathy Kelly on GRITtvKelly Speaks About What She Learned on a Recent Delegation to Afghanistan
Bid to Ban Anti-war Activists from Des Moines Federal Building DroppedIowa Prosecutors Blink- State Drops Proposed Life-time Ban on "Peaceable Assembly" Activists
Iowa Prosecutors Attempt to Ban PAC Activists from Federal Building ForeverFederal / local authorities frustrated by persistence of citizens who exercise rights by assembling peaceably at Federal Building
The Women’s HarvestJerica Arents writes about the life of women in Afghanistan
Bamiyan Diaries – Day FiveAnother Day, Another 850 Afghan Children Dead
Planting the Seeds in AfghanistanKathy Kelly listens to an Afghgan family speak of the violence they have suffered siince the 1970s.
Life in the Yarmouk Camp- An Interview with Mazen RabiaA look into the life of Palestinian Refugees in Syria
Minorities and the Militarization of Pakistanby Joshua Brollier
Civilians in Armed Conflict: Civilian Harm and Conflict in Northwest PakistanReport from CIVIC the Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict regarding Pakistan
Bamiyan Diaries – Day FourJerica Arents, David Smith Ferri and Kathy Kelly are in Afghanistan. Here is the fourth update from David.
Bamiyan Diaries - Day Three “You’re Not Alone” by Kathy Kelly
Creating a New Courage Jerica Arents writes about the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers
"STRATEGY" AIN'T ALL IT'S CRACKED UP TO BEEd Kinane explores the use of language by the peace movement
We’re Better Than ThisChallenging American anti-war, social justice and peace activists silence around oppressive policies of Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Bamiyan Diaries – Day TwoJerica Arents, David Smith Ferri and Kathy Kelly are in Afghanistan. Here is the second update from David.
War Does This to Your MindKathy Kelly writing from Afghanistan
Bamiyan Diaries – Day OneJerica Arents, David Smith Ferri and Kathy Kelly are in Afghanistan. Here is an update from David.
Watch Video of Drone Warfare Awareness Action in Washington DCCode Pink, Foreign Policy In Focus, and Pax Christi hold a mock drone attack in Dupont Circle, Washington DC
Drone Warfare Awareness ActionsAppalled by the increased number of unmanned U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan? In Madison, Wisconsin they are!
After the journey — a UN man’s open letter to Tony BlairHans von Sponeck, UN humanitarian co-ordinator from 1998-2000, demands answers from the former prime minister to a simple question: Why is Iraq in such a mess?
Drones on Trial: Narrowing the Gap Between Law and JusticeMore reportage from the "Creech 14" trial in Nevada
The Law Versus Justice Vegas Anti-Drone Trial Makes HistoryJudge says "Go in peace!"
Judge delays decision in ‘Creech 14’ drone trial Decision expected in January on trespassing case
The Indefensible Drones: A Ground Zero Reflection...drones which hover over potential targets in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen create small “ground zeroes" in multiple locales on an everyday basis.
Banning SlaughterAn awakening from the meat-packing floor
Drones on Trial in Las Vegas, Sept 14th 2010Press release and information regarding "Creech 14" trial and pre-trial rally
YesA Poem by David Smith Ferri
The Bomb and the Drone: Hiroshima/Nagasaki and Iraq/Afghanistan/PakistanBy Ed Kinane
Atrocities in Afghanistan: A Troubling Timetable *Updated*a partial list of tragic events in Afghanistan dating back to April 2009