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Afghanistan Annual Report on Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict, 2009The United Nations report about the implications of conflict on Afghani civilians
Remembering “Suicides” in the RotundaVOICES member Jerica Arents writes about the impact of torture on families
At 78 years, lifelong protester racks up convictions, marches on78 Year Old Activist sentenced to 25 days in jail
The Guantánamo “Suicides”: A Camp Delta sergeant blows the whistle. Guantánamo prison camp 'suicide' investigation.
Tough Minds, Tender HeartsKathy Kelly writes from Washington, DC
Why Torture?Joshua Brollier reflects on his participation in the Witness Against Torture fast
Coalition Groups Agree in an Open Letter to Congress, Congress Must Investigate the Mishandling of Blackwater CaseDismissal of Case Against Blackwater Contractors Condemned Dismissal of Case Against Blackwater Contractors Condemned
Speaking Truth to PowerWhat has U.S. invasion and occupation unleashed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan?
Lessons from the Gaza Freedom MarchJoshua Brollier reflects on the GFM from Chicago
Gaza Freedom Marchers issue the "Cairo Declaration" A declaration aimed at accelerating the global campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israeli Apartheid.
Midan TahrirDecember 31, 2009 - Joshua Brollier writes from Cairo, Egypt
Gaza Freedom Marchers Pledge to Continue Resistance Until Siege Is LiftedDecember 30, 2009 - Joshua Brollier writes from Cairo, Egypt
Updates from The Gaza Freedom March --December 29, 2009Joshua Brollier and John Dear reporting from Cairo, Egypt, photos by Bill Perry and other links of interest
Restriction of Civil Liberties Nothing New for Gazans: Our Solidarity Only a Small Taste of the Palestinian Experience As scores of marchers began to arrive in Cairo on December 27th, they have encountered massive interference from the Egyptian Government.
Oppose Drone Warfare - CIA Headquarters - January 16, 2010This slide show provides background information on drone warfare.
Report on the Situation of Economic and Social Rights in Afghanistan - IVThis report aims to assess the status of economic and social rights in Afghanistan in the year 1387 (2008/09).
An Open Letter to The Norwegian Nobel Committee. A pledge signed by a broad representation of leaders of the U.S. peace movement to hold President Obama accountable in accepting the Noble Peace Prize
End US Aggression in Afghanistan and PakistanSay No to Escalation: December 2, 2009, 200 S Dearborn, 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Corruption MedicineGene Stoltzfus' observations about the obscene waste of money and resources endemic to war making.
Peaceable Assembly Campaign VideoJoin us in DC for Non-Violent Resistance
The Gaza Freedom March and HR 867Why I am joining the Gaza Freedom March on December 27th...
Peaceable Assembly Campaign: Resources UpdatedNEW RESOURCES for the PAC
Admiral Mullen Announces Afghanistan Strategy: Prepare to Nonviolently ResistAdmiral Mullen announces that Pentagon will seek more war funding for 2010, a clear indicator that Obama will soon order an increase in US troop levels in Afghanistan.
Death to No One: 30 Years after the Iran Hostage CrisisHow economic sanctions cripple the movement for democracy and human rights in Iran. By Bitta Mostofi
Assassinations, Peace and State Violence in South AsiaAbdul Malik Mujahid on patience, negotiation, and reconciliation.
Peaceable Assembly Campaign in IowaOffices of Senators Grassley and Harkin visited by activists
The Rotten Fruits of WarKathy Kelly and Dan Pearson on the crisis in Pakistan
The Price of PeaceJerica Arents writes about October 5th events in Washington D.C.
Chicago and PakistanJim Rissman on the Pakistani reaction to the “Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act of 2009″
For Antiwar Protesters, the Cause Isn't LostBut Will D.C. Rally Spark Groundswell?
Substitute 'Obama' for 'Bush' and 'Afghanistan' for 'Iraq'4 Voices activists arrested at the White House with around 60 others during an October 5th demonstration
Antiwar Protesters Turn Their Sights on ObamaA coalition of antiwar protest groups converged on the White House on Monday to call for a stop to the US military interventions in Aghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan
Republican National Convention Aftermath/ Eight convicted of trespassing at protest Two Voices activists convicted along with 6 others of trespassing at the RNC
Health Care vs. Warfare: The Future Costs of the Afghanistan WarThe U.S. is poised to spend $55 to $100 billion per year for the next 10 years to wage the war in Afghanistan.
Voices Newsletter - August 2009The August 2009 newsletter contains reports from Pakistan, Iraq and Jordan.
Blurring the Lines: How I was Jailed by the U.S. Army and Why it MattersA discussion of the encroachment of the Dept of Defense police force into civilian law enforcement duties.
October 5: Nonviolent Civil Resistance / Civil Disobedience at the White HouseOn October 5, we will gather at the White House to engage in nonviolent resistance to on-going wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Shoot to Kill? How about the Oil Execs too…Commentary on the US counter-narcotics strategy in Afghanistan
Pictures from Walk for Peace 2009From Camp Williams to Ft. McCoy
Illinois to Camp Douglas by Bicycle5 bicyclists ride from Chicago to Ft McCoy to join the Walk for Peace
Peace activists await trial for Wisconsin army base demonstrationNine anti-war protesters face trespassing charges following a demonstration at the U.S. Army base at Fort McCoy
Protestors End Walk for Peace at Ft. McCoy 9 social justice advocates arrested at conclusion of Fort McCoy while seeking to dialogue with base personnel.
Nine Arrested at End of 3 Day Peace Walk to Fort McCoySocial justice advocates arrested seeking end to Iraq and Afghanistan wars at U.S. base in Wisconsin
Perceptions from a Six-Year Iraqi RefugeeFarah Abrahim Mohsen is a student with the Iraqi Student Project
Obama: The Next McNamara? Why we must demand alternatives to US militarism from congress and the Obama administration
Iraqi Refugees and ResettlementCathy Breen writes regarding the challenges faced by Iraqi refugees in navigating the resettlement process.
Now We See You, Now We Don'tKathy Kelly writes about the civilian impacts of US drones attacks and Pakistan's military offensive.
Time for Solidarity With IranAnalysis of the current political events in Iran.
Photos from Iraqi KurdistanImages from Northern Iraq
GiftsThe challenges faced by one Iraqi family seeking to immigrate to the U.S.