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World Health Organisation and Iraqi Ministry of Health: Release birth defect data from FallujahPetition by Samira Alaani
We KnowA poem by David Smith-Ferri
Courts hear DOJ motion to dismiss case of Abdulrahman Al-AwlakiBy Dooler Campbell and Alli Fry
Brian Terrell Comes HomeFollowing Six Months in Federal Prison
The Role of Dissent in National Security, Law and ConscienceCan One Continue Working for a Government Carrying out Policies that Constitute Moral, Ethical or Legal Failures?
Pair of Reapers Salute Drones on Fleur AvenuePress release from CPM News (Catholic Peace Ministry)
Hunger Strike at GitmoResearch Paper from a Voices Intern
Remembering Nur Agha AkbariBy Kathy Kelly
Watch a recent glass-shattering experience of the Afghan Peace Volunteers:I was feeling torn, “Was my son on the street?”
Anti-Drone Activists Marching Across Eastern Iowafrom the San Francisco Chronicle
Peace activists walk from Illinois to Iowa to protest drone warfarefrom the National Catholic Reporter
Walkers Protest DronesBy, Claire Powell - ABC 5
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Anti-drone activists marching across IowaGroup protesting Air National Guard plans
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Look, up in the sky!By Mike Ferguson of Muscatine Journal
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Peace activists march against US dronesBy Stephen Elliott
Drone Protest Hits the Quad-CitiesFrom the Quad-City Times
Former Yankton Inmate Fights Against Drone Use"I really feel that [all] this activism has had a positive result.”
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Baghdad, May 25, 2013Update from Cathy Breen
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