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Ed Kinane’s Closing StatementFrom the 18 April 2013 Trial for “Trespass” at Hancock Air Base on 5 Oct 2012
Gitmo Is Killing Me By Samir Naji al Hasan MoqbelPlease take a moment to read. And share. And act.
Atrocities in Afghanistan: A Troubling Timetableno teaser
How can a veteran of war in Afghanistan help us understand good conscience? Dr. Hakim interviews Nao Rozi
Reflection from the roadBy Kathy Kelly
Guantanamo Fast in AfghanistanThe Feelings Humans Have for One Another Have Not Died
War without Endby Kathy Kelly
Love Letters from Kabul – on SafetyHakim, Abdulhai, and Samia's Plea for a Fairer Life for All
The Borders We're Used to Guardingon Overcoming Arbitrary Separations
Casa del Migrantereport from the south Texas border
Petraeus' Torture Teams By John Tirman
Right to Heal Initiative Launch on 10 Year Anniversary of Iraq InvasionCall to Action on 10 Year Anniversary of Iraq Invasion
Drones Quilt- Press ReleaseA project of the Fellowship of Reconciliation
Gaza fishermen stage demonstration at sea to demand an end to the naval blockade and Israeli piracy Video coverage from Yousef al-Helou in Gaza
We are those two Afghan children, killed while tending their cattleThe APV react protest the killing of two young Afghan boys herding cattle in Uruzgan Province of Afghanistan. The young boys were killed by NATO forces.
Drawing Paradise Drawings and Reflections from Emily Johns and Milan Rai's Delegation to Iran
Petition from Havaar: Iranian Initiative Against War, Sanctions and State RepressionHelp Iranians Access Lifesaving Medicine
Love letters from Kabul – on a fairer worldAbdulhai awakening to resilience
Nine Arrested at Hancock Air Base for Opposing Reaper Drone War Crimes Statement from the Defendants and War Crimes Indictment Included
No More Truthless HeroesReject the Idols of the Pro-War Media
Despite Planned Troop Withdrawal, Special Ops and Private Forces Prepare to Continue Afghan War Kathy Kelly Discusses Obama’s State of the Union Address on "Democracy Now!"
I Am Hurting TooThe Hurt of Militarized Authoritarianism in Singapore, Afghanistan and the World
The Longest War: Afghan People Face Fearful Future as American Troops Prepare to ExitKathy Kelly talks to Laura Flanders about the economic and social conditions in Afghanistan and US "departure"
Israeli Drone Strikes in Gaza in November 2012 Attack: Two-Thirds Killed Were CiviliansBy Ann Wright
Doing time? Read Riegle’s bookby Frida Berrigan
This is My House Video clip from Jabaliya, Gaza
Abdulhai reaches out to the Chinese PresidentVideo from One World in One Week Campaign
The Broken Truce The murder of Mustafa Abu Jarad and the shooting of Abdullah Marouf in Gaza
Bulldozed farmland in Khuza´a, Gaza Israeli forces raze recently ploughed farmland near the border
the hungry strike back guantanamo to gaza, cook county chicago to afghanistan
One World One WeekAll want to play their tiny part in building a world without borders.
Witness Against Torture Evening with Andy Worthington and Todd Pierce Video from a January 10th Discussion
Afghan Peace Volunteer Says Drones Bury Beautiful LivesRaz Mohammad Speaks Out on Drones
Video of Close Guantanamo Action in Chicago, ILMade by Christian Peacemaker Teams
Fast for Justice: Day 7Witness Against Torture DC
One World in One Week Video message from the Afghan Peace Volunteers
Fast for Justice: Day 6Witness Against Torture DC
Kathy Kelly on Uprising RadioSubverting the Airwaves
Peace is a Dirty Word in AfghanistanCulley Palmer Writing From Afghanistan
Fast for Justice: Day 5Witness Against Torture DC
We Share Life in Kabulby Martha Hennessy Writing From Kabul
Seeking Security in AfghanistanMartha Hennessy and Kathy Kelly Writing From Kabul
Fast for Justice 2013: Day 4Witness Against Torture DC
Fast for Justice 2013: Day 3Witness Against Torture DC
Fast for Justice 2013: Day 2Witness Against Torture DC
Fast for Justice 2013: Day 1Witness Against Torture DC
In Kabul, Widows and Orphans Move UpKathy Kelly writes from Kabul
From Cowley Road to Kabul to The Afghan Peace VolunteersSusan Clarkson of VCNV UK writes from Kabul
Suicide Bombing in Kabul by Maya Evans