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Gaza’s Only Fisherwoman Continues to Sail By Joshua Brollier
Palestine Poems after Operation Pillar of Cloud From a forthcoming book by David Smith-Ferri
There Are Seeds of Hope EverywhereHealing from Atrociously Violent Actions
Why Not Warmth in Afghan Duvets?The Duvets Complete their Journey
What Is the War Getting Us?The Question that Ordinary Afghans Keep Asking
There. Now You Are One of Us.Afghanistan Journal
Connection to the Land Cannot Not Be BrokenThe struggle for land rights near the Gaza border
Making Friends in Afghanistan: The 2 Million Friends CampaignBy Emmey Malloy Writing from Afghanistan
When We Look at You, We Know Peace Is PossibleNobel Laureate Mairead Maguire Speaks at APV Press Conference
APVs and International Delegates Meet with Representative of UN-Kabul Office2 Million Friends for Peace in Afghanistan
Israeli forces fire on Gaza Farmers and Internationals in Khuza’aBy International Solidarity Activists
Nonviolence in AfghanistanTransformative Nonviolence Is the Way to Bring Peace to Afghanistan
Gazan Farmers at Work in Kuzaa December 10th, 2012
Fares was the GeneratorEmergency delegation meets with the Al-Basyouni family in Beit Hanoun, Gaza
Love letters from Kabul – on Family5th in a series from The Afghan Peace Volunteers
No Country Would Tolerate MissilesBy Johnny Barber
Gaza Fishermen After the CeasefireVideo from Johnny Barber
Left SpeechlessDoctors and Medics Operate Under Fire and Siege in Gaza
Israel Violates Ceasefire, Attacks Gaza FishermenDemonstration planned for December 5th, 2012
We Want it to Stop Kathy on Kelly reports from Beit Hanoun, Gaza
Tonight I am confused.Johnny Barber writes from the emergency delegation to Gaza
Truth and Trauma in Gaza Kathy Kelly writes from Gaza
Refusing to Acquiesce in GazaObservations after Operation “Pillar of Cloud”
Unfathomly Deep WoundsCathy Breen Writing from Fallujah, Iraq
Terrell: American Drone Strikes Must StopBy Nathan Johnson in the Yankton Daily Press and Dakotan
Chicago Solidarity Activists Currently in GazaFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Good Bye for a While!Words from Brian as he Reports to Yankton Federal Prison
Love letters from Kabul – on fairer livelihoods4th in a series from the Afghan Peace Volunteers
Chicago Solidarity Activists Headed to Gaza FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Every Family Has A Story An Update from Baghdad, Iraq
Love Letters From Kabul – on a Fairer Education3rd in a series from The Afghan Peace Volunteers
The Name of that Place Is MemoryAn Update from Najaf, Iraq
Brian Terrell's Contact Information in Federal PrisonBrian is Beginning His 6 Month Term on November 30, 2012
Talk Nation RadioBrian Terrell is headed to prison for protesting drones
Fighting the international use of drones, from home Brian Terrell interviewed on WBEZ's Worldview
Revisiting Dust-Covered Dreamsby Cathy Breen in Najaf, Iraq
Media Coverage and Analysis of study released by the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission
Why I Have Hope for Iraq by Cathy Breen Writing from Iraq
Love Letters From Kabul - A Fairer Life for All Second InstallmentFrom Samia, Abdulhai and Hakim
People Have Changed: A Legacy of the U.S. War in Iraqby Cathy Breen in Baghdad
Love Letters From Kabul - A Fairer Life for AllFrom Samia, Abdulhai and Hakim
Living DifferentlyCathy Breen reflects on lack of electricity in New York and Iraq
Children, Fuel and Fire in AfghanistanThe Afghan Peace Volunteers Response to the Killing of 4 Innocent Children Gathering Firewood on October 20, 2012 by NATO Forces
Eid “Sensations”Buddy Bell Writing From Kabul, Afghanistan
Survival and Dignity in an Afghan WinterAfghan women help families, theirs and others, survive the bitter cold of winter.
Dear Friends Cathy Breen writes about experiences in Najaf, Iraq
A Lesson in HospitalityCathy Breen writes from Najaf, Iraq
Doing Time for Peace by Rosalie RiegleIn this compelling collection of oral histories, more than seventy-five peacemakers describe how they say no to war-making by engaging in civil disobedience
For Immediate Release: From: The Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and Stop the WarsAnti-Drone Protest Shuts Down Hancock Air Base
Officers take 16 into custody this morning at Hancock Field drone protestBy Charley Hannagan, The Post-Standard