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Talk Nation RadioBrian Terrell is headed to prison for protesting drones
Fighting the international use of drones, from home Brian Terrell interviewed on WBEZ's Worldview
Revisiting Dust-Covered Dreamsby Cathy Breen in Najaf, Iraq
Media Coverage and Analysis of study released by the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission
Why I Have Hope for Iraq by Cathy Breen Writing from Iraq
Love Letters From Kabul - A Fairer Life for All Second InstallmentFrom Samia, Abdulhai and Hakim
People Have Changed: A Legacy of the U.S. War in Iraqby Cathy Breen in Baghdad
Love Letters From Kabul - A Fairer Life for AllFrom Samia, Abdulhai and Hakim
Living DifferentlyCathy Breen reflects on lack of electricity in New York and Iraq
Children, Fuel and Fire in AfghanistanThe Afghan Peace Volunteers Response to the Killing of 4 Innocent Children Gathering Firewood on October 20, 2012 by NATO Forces
Eid “Sensations”Buddy Bell Writing From Kabul, Afghanistan
Survival and Dignity in an Afghan WinterAfghan women help families, theirs and others, survive the bitter cold of winter.
Dear Friends Cathy Breen writes about experiences in Najaf, Iraq
A Lesson in HospitalityCathy Breen writes from Najaf, Iraq
Doing Time for Peace by Rosalie RiegleIn this compelling collection of oral histories, more than seventy-five peacemakers describe how they say no to war-making by engaging in civil disobedience
For Immediate Release: From: The Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and Stop the WarsAnti-Drone Protest Shuts Down Hancock Air Base
Officers take 16 into custody this morning at Hancock Field drone protestBy Charley Hannagan, The Post-Standard
Dear FriendsCathy Breen Writing from Iraq
Dreaming of Duvets in Afghanistanby David Smith-Ferri
What Good Are They Bringing?Speech Delivered at the October 7 Rally to End the War in Afghanistan
Sunrise and Sunset in AfghanistanDavid Smith Ferri Writing from Kabul
Punishing Free Speech and Letting Murder Off the Hook, Justice Denied in MissouriSentencing Statement of Brian Terrell Upon Hearing of His Six Month Sentence
Against OddsDavid Smith Ferri Writing from Kabul
Once ColumbusBy Johnny Barber " I realize every lie and distortion i hold of my country began in that classroom all those years ago "
Text of War Crimes Indictment Served at Hancock Air Force BaseWritten by Upstate Drone Coalition and Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney General
Working Name List of Afghan Civilian Deaths as a Result of International Security Assistance Forces' AggressionFrom The Afghan Victims Memorial
Peace Makers in Court in MissouriAnti-drone Activists to be Sentenced in Jefferson City on October 11; Nuclear Weapons Resisters to be Tried in Kansas City on October 12
International Peace Day from Kabul, AfghanistanJohnny Barber Writing From Kabul
NATO Airstrike in Afghanistan Kills EightWomen Were Collecting Wood on the Mountainside
"Well, I Think It’s Quite Obvious--- Killing Innocent People Is a Crime."KPFA Interviews Brian Terrell, Razia Ahmed, and Buddy Bell Immediately Following the Trial for Missouri Drone Protest
Drone Protesters Found Guilty of Trespassing at Whiteman AFBBrian Terrell and Ron Faust Found Guilty They are Awaiting Sentencing
Protesters Gather in DeWitt to Push Anti-Drone MessageFirst Published in the Post-Standard
We Are at WarJohnny Barber Writing From Kabul
“Santa's Sleigh”…or Drones Over the AmericasBy Ed Kinane
Join Us! “Put Drones on Trial” Support CW Brian Terrell & Ron Faust in Federal trial in Jefferson City, Missouri
2 Million FriendsJohnny Barber Writing From Kabul
Farzana, ‘2 Million Friends’ and a Ceasefire in Afghanistan"Be Friends, Talk, Build"
Backwards IntentionsThe Global War on Drugs
Kathy Kelly Video InterviewPat Taub Interviews Kathy Upon Her Returning to the US After Her 8th Trip to Kabul, Afghanistan
Parting with Sister Anne Montgomeryby Kathy Kelly first Published in Waging Nonviolence
Sanctuary from Syria — what will it take?by Cathy Breen first published in Waging Nonviolence
Navy Vet Responds to Navy Week P.R.by Mike Ferner first Published in War is a Crime
Thirsting for JusticeCan You Live on 6.3 Gallons of Water a Day?
Interview of Kathy Kelly by Kevin Pina of Flashpoints KPFA / Pacifica Radio
From The Frying Pan, Into The Fire?Iraqi Refugees In Syria Have Nowhere To Go Except Iraq
Stand Together As Friends Of 30 Million AfghansGovernments Can Deny ‘Visas’, But Thankfully, They Can’t Deny Friendships.
Why Afghanistan Can't WaitA World Of Friends Without Borders
Put the Drones on Trial!Join Experts in Constitutional and International Law Supporting Activists
Walking for Peace in the MidwestJournal Entries from the May 2012 Walk to NATO