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War Crimes Indictment Served at Hancock Air Force BaseThirty-three Pre-emptive Arrests
Afghan Screams Aren’t Heard by Kathy Kelly and Hakim
Kathy Kelly: The Power of PeaceVideo Researched, Produced and Directed by Abir Alsayed
For You, A Thousand Times OverKites and Balloons Soar Over Drone Base
Trifecta ResistaAn Account of the Protests Against Drones, Nukes, and Imprisonment of Whistleblowers
Protesting NATO In Chicago Will Be Too Late For AfghanistanAfghan Strategic Partnership Agreement Will Be Signed Before NATO Protest
Both of Us Are Human Beings"Money Doesn't Match Up to the Value of a Person"
Cutting LeekChance Conversation with a Young Afghan Girl
A Gathering MenaceEmbedded Reporter Describes A Night Raid
An ‘Annan Six Point Peace Plan for Afghanistan’An Open Letter to Mr. Kofi Annan from the Afghan Peace Volunteers
Gandhi, King and 99% SpringCan U.S. Movements Achieve Economic Justice Without Addressing War?
From Tel Aviv and Iran to Kabul to... YOUInviting Afghan/U.S./NATO and Global Citizens to Join the People’s Love and Peace Campaign
How NATO Dehumanizes UsThe United States Has Communicated to Afghans Only Through Weaponry
Why Do We Protest the NATO Summit?Each Day the War Continues Means Continuing Disaster for Afghan People
Casualties of Iraq, Nine Years LaterA Resource from the Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group Regarding the Last Nine Years of US Aggression
No One Asked Their NamesThe Names of the Victims in the May 11th Massacre in Afghanistan
They Will Never BegAll of Israel's Victims in Gaza Have Names
Afghan Massacre – Not an Atypical Event – But the NormPodcast of Progressive Radio Interview with Kathy Kelly
Protestors to March on May 20 Opening of NATO Summit in ChicagoAs Published in FightBack! News March 15, 2012
Will the Afghan Parliament, the U.S. public or the UN debate the U.S. Afghan Strategic Partnership Agreement?by the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers
Winter in KabulThis Video Captures the Fine Energy of Our Afghan Youth Peace Volunteer Friends
Death and Public Relationsby Robert C. Koehler
In Afghanistan We Can Offer So Many ApologiesRep. Raul Grijalva and Michael Shank Call for End to War in Afghanistan
Kandahar ‘Killing-Spree’ MilitarismA Call for U.S. and Afghan Citizens to Question the U.S./Afghan Strategic Partnership Agreement
Chicago Vigil for Afghan Civilians Killed by U.S. Military MassacreChicagoans please join us for a candlelight vigil on March 13th at 7 p.m.
Afghan Massacre: Peace Groups Call for U.S. Withdrawal After Army Sergeant Kills 16 Afghan CiviliansDemocracy Now Interviews Hakim in Kabul
Afghan Humanitarian Crisis, Civilian Casualties, and Drone WarfareDemocracy Now Interviews Kathy Kelly
Atrocities Update: The Afghanistan War's Lethal and Endemic Pattern U.S. Soldier Goes on Shooting Rampage Inside 3 Kandahar Homes and a NATO Helicopter Strike in Kapisa Kills 4 Civilians
Say No to NATOMary Dean writing about why we should protest NATO
Why Did the US Invade Iraq and Afghanistan?Ed Kinane Explores This Question
Do Afghan mothers wish the same for their children?On the Road to Jalalabad, the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers ask the Question.
Dear President ObamaBradford Lyttle Reminds President Obama That "Great Reformers" are Important
Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers in Karte Seh, Kabul SpeakTranscript of Skype Call to the Hancock 38 Drone Resisters
Afghanistan: The War That Wouldn't EndMary Dean interviewed on the TV show "Chicago Clout"
The Jailing of Maya EvansMaya Evans sentenced to 2 weeks prison for protest of Afghan War
Press Release: Last 5 Hancock 38 Drone Resisters SentencedKathy Kelly, Ann Wright, Martha Hennessy, Elliott Adams and Jules Orkin are the Last Five
Five last drone protesters are sentenced in DeWittby Charles Ellis / The Post-Standard
The Ghost and the Machineby Kathy Kelly with research by the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers
2 Million Candles to End the Afghan WarAfghan Youth Peace Volunteers Encourage International Participation in New Campaign
Deported from Bahrain After Protest, Speaking Out for Human RightsPress Article on Brian Terrell Speaking Against Crimes in Bahrain, Drones
Police Chief Timoney, Meet Bahraini MothersCode Pink Delegation Reports on the Use of Chemical Weapons on the Children of Bahrain, Former Miami Police Chief Doesn't See the Problem
Silence as Bahraini Children Are Stabbed and GassedCode Pink Observer Delegation to Bahrain Reports on Total Police Impunity and the Use of Chemical Weapons on Children
Drones on TrialHancock 38 Back in Action
Resilience a Bulldozer Cannot DestroyA Report from Lis Lis, Honduras
Witnessing Human Rights Violations in BahrainEyewitness report by Brian Terrell
Occupied Bahrain One Year After the Uprisingby Medea Benjamin/Pink Tank
Cold, Cold HeartWriting about Afghanistan and Bahrain by Kathy Kelly
Voices Activists Among 6 U.S. Citizens Arrested in Bahrain to be DeportedPlease call 202-647-4000 and leave a comment with the U.S. State Department asking them to halt the Bahraini government's deportation of U.S. citizens who are in Bahrain
American Citizens Arrested in Bahrain during ProtestU.S. citizens arrested in Manama during peaceful protest Saturday.
Update to Afghan Atrocities ListNato Admits Killing 8 Children in Eastern Kapisa Province