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Drone Protesters Found Guilty of Trespassing at Whiteman AFBBrian Terrell and Ron Faust Found Guilty They are Awaiting Sentencing
Protesters Gather in DeWitt to Push Anti-Drone MessageFirst Published in the Post-Standard
We Are at WarJohnny Barber Writing From Kabul
“Santa's Sleigh”…or Drones Over the AmericasBy Ed Kinane
Join Us! “Put Drones on Trial” Support CW Brian Terrell & Ron Faust in Federal trial in Jefferson City, Missouri
2 Million FriendsJohnny Barber Writing From Kabul
Farzana, ‘2 Million Friends’ and a Ceasefire in Afghanistan"Be Friends, Talk, Build"
Backwards IntentionsThe Global War on Drugs
Kathy Kelly Video InterviewPat Taub Interviews Kathy Upon Her Returning to the US After Her 8th Trip to Kabul, Afghanistan
Parting with Sister Anne Montgomeryby Kathy Kelly first Published in Waging Nonviolence
Sanctuary from Syria — what will it take?by Cathy Breen first published in Waging Nonviolence
Navy Vet Responds to Navy Week P.R.by Mike Ferner first Published in War is a Crime
Thirsting for JusticeCan You Live on 6.3 Gallons of Water a Day?
Interview of Kathy Kelly by Kevin Pina of Flashpoints KPFA / Pacifica Radio
From The Frying Pan, Into The Fire?Iraqi Refugees In Syria Have Nowhere To Go Except Iraq
Stand Together As Friends Of 30 Million AfghansGovernments Can Deny ‘Visas’, But Thankfully, They Can’t Deny Friendships.
Why Afghanistan Can't WaitA World Of Friends Without Borders
Put the Drones on Trial!Join Experts in Constitutional and International Law Supporting Activists
Walking for Peace in the MidwestJournal Entries from the May 2012 Walk to NATO
Soft Necks Will Not Be SlaughteredLessons in Nonviolence from the Afghan Peace Volunteers
The Sky As It FallsAfghans Try to Rebuild the Pillars of Human Decency
Peace Needs a Chance/Sign the PetitionHakim's wish for Ali and Abdulhai to be successful in their current U.S. visa applications
In Remembrance of Things Lostby Ramzi Kysia
Remarks Delivered at Peacestock 2012by David Swanson
Thank You for Your Help! Hakim Recieved His Visa!He Will be Participating in the Peace Caravan being organized by Global Exchange
The Longest WarOvercoming Lies and Indifference
Seeking a Visa for Dr. Wee Teck Youngby Kathy Kelly
Hancock Field Protest Ends PeacefullyBy Charley Hannagan / The Post-Standard
Drone Resister Mark Kenney Gets Four Months In Jailby Jane Stoever
Apple Should “Think Different” on SanctionsApple sanctions US citizens of Iranian descent from buying Apple products. By Bitta Mostofi.
By Targeting Us Doctors, Bahrain's State Shows No One Is Beyond Its GraspGuardian Editorial By Bahraini Surgeon Nada Dhaif
Charges Dismissed Against “Hancock 33”Press release from Dewitt, NY Town Court
RESISTING DRONES IN MISSOURI: “Let Justice Flow Like a River…”by Brian Terrell
Photo Album/Spring 2012 Delegation to Kabulby Pat Kennelly
“Buddy, Please Put Your Hood.”by Buddy Bell recently returned from Afghanistan
Out to the Wallby Kathy Kelly in Kabul
Afghan Women: Which Side Are We On?By Pat Kennelly in Kabul
No One Hears the Poorby Kathy Kelly
Apathy and Inconvenience- Opinions about NATO Protestby Joshua Brollier
Overcoming Our Afghan Non-ExistenceA message from the Afghan Peace Volunteers
Kathy Kelly at the Univeristy of North CarolinaDelivering the UNC's First Alternative Commencement Speach
Walk to the NATO Summit: Inside Agitators Stride Toward Peace Buddy Bell Day 17 / At A Global Crossroads: Turn Against War
The Moral Arc of the UniverseRobert C. Koehler on the NATO Summit
What Would I Do If I Wasn't Afraid?by Sallamah Aliah
An Afghan Okinawaby The Afghan Peace Volunteers
Blog from At A Global Crosdsroads: Turn Against Warand pictures from our 200 mile walk from Madison to the NATO Summit in Chicago
Walking to NATO Protest in Chicagoby Rebecca Kemble/The Progressive
The UN May Have Silenced the Afghan Publicby The Afghan Peace Volunteers
War Crimes Indictment Served at Hancock Air Force BaseThirty-three Pre-emptive Arrests
Afghan Screams Aren’t Heard by Kathy Kelly and Hakim