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[House of Representatives] [or United States Senate]
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Re: Pledge to Vote Against 2007 Supplemental Spending for Iraq War

Dear Representative ________ / Senator _____________

In February, President Bush is expected to submit a “supplemental” funding request to continue the war in Iraq. The Associated Press reports that the request will be for nearly $100 billion, which will bring war spending to $170 billion for this fiscal year alone.

I urge you to publicly pledge to vote against this supplemental spending request.

For your convenience and to publicly document your position, we include a signing statement (below) that we invite your staff to deliver to you for your signature.

If we are not informed within seven calendar days that you have signed the pledge, we will return to talk with you about it, with plans to stay until the pledge is signed.

It is abundantly clear that the overwhelming majority of people in this country oppose this war; the overwhelming majority of U.S. troops in Iraq see no purpose in being there; and the overwhelming majority of Iraqis want us to leave. What reason can possibly be given to continue the war in and occupation of Iraq?

We are all complicit in this illegal war. We look forward to having you join us in putting an end to it so we can finally go about rebuilding the damage we have done in Iraq, assuring the health and welfare of returning veterans, and providing for the many real needs we have here at home.

Most Sincerely,


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