Joshua Brollier

Joshua Brollier, 30, is a Co-Coordinator with Voices for Creative Nonviolence.

Josh first became involved in Voices work in 2007 by participating in The Occupation Project. He has since taken part in number of other Voices efforts, including Witness Against War- a 500 mile walk from Chicago to St. Paul to challenge and non-violently resist the US wars and occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has been an organizer for Voices projects including Camp Hope and the Peaceable Assembly Campaign.

In 2010, Joshua participated in the Gaza Freedom March in Cairo and Witness Against Torture’s Vigil and Fast for Justice in Washington, DC. He was also a organizer and participant in a May/June 2010 VCNV delegation to Pakistan and Afghanistan that researched the human consequences of U.S. drone program and military intervention in the region.

Joshua spent September 2010 to February 2011 living in Damascus, Syria,studying Arabic. In Nov - Dec 2012, he participated in an emergency/solidarity delegation to Gaza after Israel’s Pillar of Cloud assault on the Gaza Strip.

He can be reached at .

Writings by Joshua Brollier