Tax Day -- 5 Arrested in Chicago's Federal Building

April 17, 2007

On April 17—Tax Day—five social justice advocates were arrested in the federal building in Chicago. This building houses the offices of Senator Obama and Senator Durbin. It also houses an office of the IRS.

Donning sackcloth and ashes, they entered the federal building shortly after it opened for the day. All acted in remembrance of the death and destruction wrought upon Iraq by the United States. They sang the names of Iraqi citizens and U.S. soldiers who’ve been killed during the war in and occupation of Iraq.

They acted on April 17 to call for a redirection of U.S. resources away from military spending, which consumes well over half of the U.S. discretionary budget, and towards the Common Good—social services, education, jobs training, health care, etc. They also acted to call upon the Senators to reject any further funding for the Iraq war.

On April 17, the House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee also held a hearing on the regular military budget for next year. In the future it will hold hearings on the President’s request for an additional $145 billion to wage the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan during Fiscal Year 2008.