The Duvet Project

A project led by the Afghan Peace Volunteers that gives duvets to destitute families in Kabul. The project also gives women an opportunity to earn living wages for sewing duvets. Funds for the project go towards the supplies and sewing of the duvets.

Storage room filled with duvetsStorage room filled with duvets

Seamstresses bring the finished duvetsSeamstresses bring the finished duvets

Loading the lorry/truckLoading the lorry/truck

Ghulamai and Ali deliver duvets to a homeGhulamai and Ali deliver duvets to a home

Distributing duvets in a refugee campDistributing duvets in a refugee camp

Ali and Abdulhai With Synthetic WoolAli and Abdulhai With Synthetic Wool

Samia With DuvetsSamia With Duvets


“Pandora’s Hope” meets “Afghan Action” by Mary Dobbins

The Longest War: Afghan People Face… by Kathy Kelly

In Kabul, Widows and Orphans Move Up by Kathy Kelly

From Cowley Road to Kabul to the Afghan Peace Volunteers by Susan Clarkson

Why Not Warmth in Afghan Duvets? by Dr. Linda Sartor

There. Now You Are One of Us by John Dear

Dreaming of Duvets in Afghanistan by David Smith-Ferri

Survival and Dignity in an Afghan Winter by Kathy Kelly

Afghan Camps Receive Winter Aid, but Officials Say It Isn’t Enough by Rod Nordland


To donate by paypal, click the button below.

Keep in mind that PayPal assesses a fee of 2.9% in addition to a non-refundable transaction surcharge of 30 cents. In other words, the Duvet Project will only actually receive 97.1% of your donation minus 30 cents. This is the price of convenience. Especially if you wish to make a large donation, consider donating by mail.

To donate by mail, make a check or money order out to VCNV or Voices for Creative Nonviolence and please send to:
1249 W Argyle St
Chicago, IL 60640

and write Duvet Project in the memo line.