The following are upcoming events that Voices for Creative Nonviolence is either sponsoring or participating in:





Saturday, January 30 – Monday, February 1

Speaking Events with Salma A. Hussein from Cairo, Egypt



Rogers Park Library Branch

6907 N Clark St Chicago

Saturday, Jan. 30 @ 3pm   (wheelchair accessible)


Albany Park Autonomous Center

3460 W Lawrence Ave Chicago

Sunday, Jan. 31 @ 2pm   (not wheelchair accessible)


McHenry County College, room B166/167

8900 US Hwy 14, Crystal Lake, Illinois 60012

Monday, Feb. 1 @ 1pm   (wheelchair accessible)


  • What has been going on in Egypt since the start of the #Jan25 movement?
  • What happened to political prisoners in Egypt? Who enjoys impunity in this new system?
  • What is the role of western media and Egyptian media in the human rights crisis?
  • How does U.S. strategy in Egypt impact Palestine?

Salma A. Hussein was born, raised, and educated in Cairo, Egypt. Having a first-hand experience of events over the past 5 years has transformed Salma, an ordinary Egyptian science student, into a media producer and educator about the history and contemporary reality of the situation in her country.




Sunday, March 27 – Saturday, April 2

Shut Down Creech!

Creech AFB
Indian Springs, NV








Intermittent Fridays

Protest Against Guantanamo
We meet once every few weeks to protest indefinite detention and the imprisonment of human beings with no evidence that they committed any crime, many of whom have been cleared for release. Our presence reminds the public that: no, they didn’t close this prison down yet.

4:30-5:30 p.m.
corner of Jackson and Dearborn
south side of Dirksen Federal Court building
downtown Chicago, IL

Call the office at 773-878-3815 to confirm the vigil is happening that week.