Wed Dec 11 Panel: Jon, Sarah, Sean on Iraq, Afghan, Iran travels and the U.S.’ “Forever Wars”

On Wednesday December 11th, starting at 6:30pm, a panel of three Voices activists will speak at Second Unitarian Church, 656 West Barry Avenue in Chicago’s Lakeview Neighborhood, on their Mideast travels and on the U.S. empire’s unending economic and military wars. 

Jon Rice traveled to sanctions-era Iraq with Voices, but has also witnessed Palestine and Colombia with Christian Peacemaker Teams and the Middle East Children’s Alliance.  Sarah Ball has twice visited the Afghan Peace Volunteers with Kathy Kelly in Kabul, and this past Spring, Sarah and Sean Reynolds traveled with CODEPINK to tour the Iranian cities of Tehran and Isfahan, meeting government spokesmen and ordinary Iranians anxious about crushing sanctions and the U.S.’ threat of war.

Please join us this Wednesday!