Global Days of Listening 3/21/20

Responding as a human family to global crises

In October, 2019, the Afghan Peace Volunteers initiated the Circle of Humanity انسانیت دایره  In sharing their vision, they quoted Dr. Albert Schweitzer, “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”  هدف زندگی بشر خدمت، عشق ورزیدن، و کمک به دیگران است 

In this time of a global pandemic, housing  shortages, food insecurities, vulnerable populations, closing of  borders, and mandatory “shelter in place” orders, Schweitzer’s words  guide our March, 2020 Global Days of Listening conversation. 

The Afghan Now Ruz, (New Year’s) is March 21st this year; it  is a time of renewal where new shoots coming from the ground remind us that winter, though long, is not forever. Our world is in a very dark  winter; current systems such as healthcare and food supplies are  completely inadequate to address these crises.  However, the Afghan Peace Volunteers raise the question as to whether this might be a  breakthrough moment for our community to respond in a new way, through our humanity.

We believe we have much to learn from the resourcefulness and vision of the APVs, both in Kabul and Abroad.  They have lived for many years,  some for their entire lives, under war, with all those difficult  challenges that many “developed” nations are now struggling with…we  know that many governments have failed to prepare for these times, and  the military and police forces being deployed into our communities will  not resolve these problems. What can we learn from one another?

International friends and supporters will be joining our APV friends  to share ways they are meeting these challenges, and transforming fear  and anxiety into connectedness with our families and our friends;  insuring the security of those who are vulnerable; while still  challenging the systems that have led us to this place.  In responding through our humanity, we are truly a Borderfree family.

“The World belongs to humanity, not this leader, that leader or that king or prince or religious leader. The World belongs to humanity.” – Dalai Lama

Since many of our supporters have gone on to Daylight Savings Time this month, we encourage you to check for the new schedule in your time zone. 

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