Yemeni Victims’ Names and Photos

1.       Ali Al-Qawli – killed 23 January 2013 (photo attached) .

2.       Salem bin Ali Jaber (Faisal’s brother-in-law) – killed August 2012 (photo attached)

3.       Waleed bin Ali Jaber (Faisal’s nephew) – killed August 2012 (photo attached)

4.       Nasser Salim – killed 6 May 2012 (photo attached).

5.       Salah Quaid Tuaiman – killed by a combat drone on 14 October 2011

6.       Jalal Tuaiman (17 years) – killed by a combat drone on 14 October 2011

7.       Mohammed Tuaiman (13 years) –  killed 26 January 2015.


Abdullah Mabkhout Al-Ameri

– killed 29 January 2017 (photo attached).

For the Tuaimans, the only photos that have been publicly released are of the survivors (attached): Meqdad Tuaiman (son of Salah Tuaiman) with his children and Ezzaldeen Tuaiman (son of Salah Tuaiman) and his son. These photos should be credited to The National Organisation for Drone Victims if possible.

There are of course many, many others, but these are those with whom we have relationships and photos on hand. The names of the children killed in Jan. 29th’s raid are here.

0000_00_00_INT Picture of Ali Al Qawli علي ناصر القاولي 2012_08_31_INT Salim bin Ali Jabir smiling pic 2012_08_31_INT Walid Jaber pic 2016_11_17_PRIV Tuaiman - Ezzeldin Tuaiman son pic 2016_11_17_PRIV Tuaiman - Meqdad Tuaiman family pic VCNV2014_03_01_INT Al Ameri Photo-of-Abdallah-Mabkhut-alAmiri

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