Chicago area Iran flyering

—  ON HIATUS during Coronavirus’ arrival. We kept going throughout the winter and  plan to be back out as soon as self-distancing relaxes. —

PLEASE NOTE  5:30 Trump Tower protest still on for the day (may it never come) the United States bombs Iran (or the next day if the dreadful crime begins after 3pm CST.)  

CALL IF YOU’RE JOINING US: anytime before midnight or after 8am is fine,  or 6:00am if it’s the morning of a weekday 7AM vigil – the phone to call is 773-865-6042.   Phone us and suggest times you could join us.  We’re out at least twice a week, generally Wednesdays at 7am and Sundays at 4pm, but check this page for last minute changes and have our number on hand to coordinate.