Author: Buddy Bell

Chicago, IL— Buddy has been a co-coordinator with Voices for Creative Nonviolence since January 2012 and a volunteer since 2005. He organized Voices’ 4 most recent walks in protest of drones and in protest of the NATO summit. He visited Afghanistan 3 times with Kathy Kelly, where they lived with the Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul. Buddy was with the Afghan Peace Volunteers in November 2012 as they began a project to distribute duvets to needy families in anticipation of a cold winter. In 2015, Buddy served as an interpreter and travel companion to Dr Hakim, mentor of the Afghan Peace Volunteers, as they attended a people-to-people gathering at the peace community of San Jose de Apartado, Colombia. Buddy was also part of a delegation to Okinawa and to Jeju Island to witness and participate in protests against construction of new U.S. bases and surrogate bases in the Asia Pacific region, where the U.S. is now "rebalancing" its military force.